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5 styles to match dresses and kimonos

Hello! It’s been a long time, this is Risa!

I feel that the rush to marry and get married has increased in recent years, both because of the time spent at home, and because of generations and ages. It’s never easy for others to trust each other and decide to have a family, so it’s really cool♡

I hear that many brides are worried about whether or not to hold a ceremony under unforeseen circumstances. However, when you do attend the event, you want to celebrate looking your best!

So this time, when I was able to participate in severalGuest hairstyleI want to introduce you!

I wanted to go with a cute hairstyle, so I searched for several, but this is it! I couldn’t find anything like it, so I talked to a hairstylist and created a set5 choicesI want to introduce you!

In any case, mention it not only for weddings, but also for dressing options ◎

Half up and mature ♡

When I started looking, there were two things that caught my attention.
1)Don’t be brighter than the main bride
2)A style that is not used as often as possible
However, no matter how much I searched, it took me a long time to find a style I liked because it was a similar arrangement and I had to buy accessories separately.

Also, the dress I have is neck length and I may not be able to wear a necklace, so I’ll discuss it with the stylist I always ask.half upI got it together!

Style 1:
I was wearing a long lace dress that day, so I asked for the top to be voluminous.
I realized that the whole thing was vertically long by weaving it vertically roughly in the middle.

The difference is not significant,twisted twistedIt has a three-dimensional effect and a good balance ◎

[Ezkontzako gonbidapen ilea]5 styles to match dresses and kimonos_2

[Ezkontzako gonbidapen ilea]5 styles that go well with dresses and kimonos_3
Style 2:
Also on this day, the style was up to the neck, so I ordered a half.
In particular, it was a high tone grade, so I planned to make the most of its qualities.

This time I wanted to use a barrette so I was conscious of the horizontal flow!
I had it loosely woven, so even if it collapses a bit over time, it won’t stand out and there’s no problem ◎

[Ezkontzako gonbidapen ilea]5 styles to match dresses and kimonos_4

[Ezkontzako gonbidapen ilea]5 styles to match dresses and kimonos_5

Focusing on Rapunzel hair accessories!

[Ezkontzako gonbidapen ilea]5 styles that go well with dresses and kimonos_6

Style 3:
I was invited to a garden style wedding so I brought it with me.additional flowersI wanted to spread it out, so I asked for it to be woven all over.
On this day, the length of the skirt was quite short, so I asked her to keep the length of her hair as long as possible.

The highest, thereforeRough waveThe hairstylist said I was conscious of creating volume so it wouldn’t look weird from the side! (I’m really good at it.

At first glance it looks like a shrimp, but when you add accessories, the impression changes, and it’s a style that has been well received by all kinds of people.

My stylist doesn’t use rubber bands as much as possible and uses a pin to hold it in place, so it was really helpful to keep it from falling out all day and easy to remove when I got home!

[Ezkontzako gonbidapen ilea]5 styles to match dresses and kimonos_7

All in one kimono

The most difficult part of the search was a hairstyle for furisode.
I guess it depends on the type of kimono, but since I’m purple, I had a problem that if I kept it simple, it would look out of place and look old.

[Ezkontzako gonbidapen ilea]5 styles to match dresses and kimonos_8

the style Four:
I wanted to give her a grown up look so I decided to tie her hair up instead of up, but I thought that if I pulled her hair down I would make her look like a mom.A hairstyle that shows the flow of the hairrequest.

Hair styling is recommended because you can create beauty by adding hair accessories. If you create a wave, it can also be used as an after-party dress style!

[Ezkontzako gonbidapen ilea]5 styles to match dresses and kimonos_9
Style 5:
This is from a few years ago, but the style is when I gave a speech on behalf of my best friend at her wedding.
To express youth and radiance,Emphasizing volume in UpstyleI asked
Considering that you can take a picture from the side, the side without the hair decoration has a three-dimensional effect, so it looks like a fountain or a dry landscape! It is the result of listening to an unreasonable order.smile
[Ezkontzako gonbidapen ilea]5 styles to match dresses and kimonos_10
[Ezkontzako gonbidapen ilea]5 styles to match dresses and kimonos_11


how was it It was mostly a style with high-toned hair color, but the overall braid is rough, so I think it’s an updo that looks good with darker tones as well.

I hope you can celebrate at your best on this very precious opportunity to witness the new beginning of your friend’s life ♡

Whatever the wedding, please go for it for special events and dress up occasions~!

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