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Easy with 100 ingredients! Bright sun catcher ♪ children’s room and living room ♪

Good morning (。・ω・)ノ゚

The other day my sister asked, “Where did you buy your sister’s sun?” she asked me.

Check out our solar eclipse here. → Shining, swaying♪

Nihongo blog village theme hanging interior ☆ different materials and green
Hanging interior ☆ different furniture and greenery

The bird is swinging 2

Nihongo blog village theme to the interior of the window
The interior near the window

Most of our sunscreens were bought at a natural kitchen or grocery store 10 years ago (‘∀`*).

My sister wants to decorate the window in her son’s room (my sister’s room in elementary school) because it looks lonely.

So I saw Natural Kitchen and Ceria and wanted it but now it’s not for sale…

You can buy online, but can you do it? I thought (laughs).


I made this for my beautiful niece ヾ(=^▽^=)ノ.

I bought sunscreen at 100 yen stores and mass produced ones (laughs).
Manual Solar Saver 2

It’s very easy!
You can do it in 10 minutes.
Also the materials are cheap!

Even 100% uniform materials shine beautifully when the sun hits them☆
It looks good to decorate the solar container and bring the light into the house from the point of view of Feng Shui.
Nihongo blog village theme
*Recreates 100 yen series of miscellaneous items*

Today I will show you how to do it.

Blog village theme Handmade ☆ small miscellaneous items

Blog village theme Handmade for children

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<ቁሳቁሶች ተገዙ>
First, Seria, garlands and curtains. 100 yen each.
It’s my sister’s room, so I chose pink or purple beads (‘∀`)
There are other colors, so I think you should choose a color that suits the atmosphere of your room.
What I bought in a row
Blog village theme100 yen shop * Seria

And round beads by Daiso. 100 yen per bag.
daiso beads

And this is important. Crushing ball (rolling ball). A crushed ball is a soft bead-like material that is crushed after passing it through a string to adjust the beads there. This is 100 yen at Daiso.
Daiso crushed ball

I used the thread at home. (Also sold at 100-yen stores.)
I used No. 2 hard, but thicker may be more durable.
Persecution at home

<እንዴት እንደሚሰራ>

There are two curtains in one bag, and since this acrylic is attached, the string part is cut with scissors at the base.
Use this for the bottom part.
Cut the cord
I wish I had bought more of these curtain rods.
A bag only makes two sundries, so this time I used “drip beads” from another house as the bottom weight. This curtain should have a moderate weight.

First, pass a crushed ball through a line 80 cm long. The length of the legs is your choice!
Pass the ball

Pass through the bottom bead (the drop-shaped beads in the photo are not curtains, but the ones at home), and pass the cord through the tsushidama.
Thread the rope through the ball

Then press the ball firmly into the radio panels.

Then the extremity stands firm. Cut off the excess.
The bottom

Next, leave some space (about 7 to 8 cm?), crush the ground ball again and pass a bead over it.
Use the crushed ball as a stop

Then leave a gap of about 8 cm and pass in the crushed ball and the eggs in order.
(The crush ball acts as a stopper.)
Pass the beads

If you don’t crush the bead too hard, it will shift due to the weight of the bead, so be careful.
Such a long solar eclipse was created in such a short period of time.
Passing through the extremes

This is what it looks like if you make a loop at the top of the line and hang an S-shaped hook on the curtain.
(I hung it on my window for a while, lol)
Sunscreen on the window

It glows beautifully when the sun hits it, so place it near a window facing the sun.
Manual Solar Saver 2

Daiso’s squished balls were few in number and I was only able to make four sunstrokes.
If you want to buy tsubushidama, I think you can find a lot of them at bead specialty shops (Parts Club, etc.), so it might be a good idea to buy them there. (I forgot to buy it, so I bought it at a nearby Daiso ^^;).

Blog village theme Handmade beaded accessories

Blog village theme 100-yen items were remade

For small children’s rooms, we recommend cheap acrylic beads instead of real crystals.
Even if it falls, it is not dangerous ♪
I’m sure my mom will be happy if she does~(* ̄∇ ̄*)

When I showed it to my daughter, she said, “Prepare it for my room” v( ̄∇ ̄)v

I think I’ll go to Syria to buy curtains again~ (laughs)

Handmade and warm room ♪ ↓↓

Blog village theme
 Handmade by me!

Blog village theme Handcrafted in the midst of child care

Blog village theme Handmade and beautiful life, happy life.

Blog village theme Handmade * Biori

Blog village themeHandmade for children

See you soon♪
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