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Dry indoors on rainy days☆

Hello (^^)♪
It looks like it will rain now and then.
So today I want to write about drying laundry on rainy days♪
(Recently I got a question from Mita, “How do you dry your laundry inside on rainy days?”, so I wrote about it a while ago, but there are some changes, so I’ll write it. Hey ^ ^)

It has recently become a daily routine to wash clothes twice a day with a 7 kg washing machine. I use large face towels after bathing so I don’t use bath towels so why are there so many? ?

↓I use it instead of a bath towel.

Of course, even on rainy days, if I didn’t wash every day, I can’t catch up, so on rainy days, I dry my laundry inside the Japanese-style room on the second floor.
dry indoors

If you dry it with a desiccant dehumidifier + fan strategy, you can dry it in the morning and dry it completely in the evening (^ ^)

Dehumidifiers can be roughly divided into:“compressor method”When“Desiccant (zeolite) method”It seems that there
Our family used to have a “compressor” type product.
But the compressor method does not dry in winter at all! I had no choice but to use the compressor method, so I used the air conditioner to heat the room while the dehumidifier was running.

But it rains all year round.
Laundry should be dried all year round!

When I bought a desiccant (zeolite) method that can be used all year round to dry laundry, the laundry dried very quickly♪ In the evening the water is full. I actually bought this and got it right ~☆
Dehumidifier 2

A fan oscillates to circulate the air in the room.
The fact that a dehumidifier and a fan dry faster is information I got from a “Try it Gatten” I happened to see a long time ago (laughs).
The disadvantage of the desiccant method is that the room temperature rises and it is hot in the summer.
But in our house, we don’t dry our laundry in a “personal room” like the living room, so it doesn’t matter if the room temperature rises. (Winter is warm as a stove♪)

↓ This is also useful as a reference for housework and other ingenuity.

tram traffic
living and living

The Japanese-style room on the second floor is used as a bedroom for couples at night.

However, during the day the futons are made up and the room consists only of tatami mats.
Japanese Style Room on the 2nd Floor

I’ve written about it many times before (laughs), but I think it’s best to turn the master bedroom into a Japanese-style room in a small house.
If you live in a futon, you can use it as a separate room during the day.

A Japanese style room has a high degree of freedom, so this room is
・ Drying room for laundry on rainy days
・Children’s Playground (Recently, when many of my daughter’s friends come to visit, I often lock myself in this room and play cards and talk about girls (laughs))
・Rooms where guests stay when they come

etc., can be used for various purposes.

You may be thinking “When I get old it will be hard to put the futon up and down”, but by then the kids may be independent and have a spare room so it’s good to talk about it at that time thinking.
Right now it’s good practice for me to put down my futon every day (laughs).

Well, the continuation of the laundry story.
I had a host screen attached to this room when I built it. I pass the clothesline.
host clean

I’m really glad I put on the host screen
The height can be changed in 3 levels and can be easily removed when not in use.

I really love host screens ↓

I keep this clothesline on all year round (laughs).
On sunny days, I hang my laundry here on a pinch or hanger and take it out to the porch.

The closet on the entrance side of the Japanese-style room is used as a laundry room.

The clothesline to the right of the cabinet photo above was bought from IKEA for 1490 yen on sale.
IKEA clothesline

I have a lot of laundry, so I bought it because it just wasn’t enough to just hang it on the host screen (laughs).

Hang on the host screen as follows.

The point I’m careful about is to open up the space as much as possible.

I also alternately hang long and short pieces of laundry, and since the sides of long-sleeved clothes don’t dry quickly, I use clothespins to secure the hem. ← I don’t know if that’s the right answer (^^;)
If you have any tips for drying let me know~♪

laundry basket

The laundry basket is so white

I like it because it is light and easy to carry (´ω`*)

If you hang the laundry around 8:00 in the morning, the thin one will be dry in the afternoon. It feels good ~♪
For thick fabrics and items that are difficult to dry, such as bags, turn them inside out during the day, and they will all be dry by 2:00 p.m.

There is no unpleasant smell when semi-dried ☆ It is really good ~.

In the past I asked Tokyo Gas for an estimate on whether or not to install a drying function in the bathroom, but it cost over 200,000 (><).
I didn’t ask for it anyway, but I’m glad I didn’t turn on the tumble dryer.
I don’t think I can dry my large amount of laundry in the bath (laughs).

Therefore, a dehumidifier is recommended.
So if you buy it to wash and dry, I recommend the desiccant method.
And Japanese-style rooms are a wonderful part of Japanese culture.

It was a story (^ ^)

See you soon~♪
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