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door screen replacement

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Does anyone remember that I wrote the story “I’m Looking for a Maurice LeBlanc Book” before?
I wrote it at the end of the article. →☆

Do you know the book La Robe d’écailles roses, a collection of short stories by Maurice LeBlanc that you read when you were in elementary school?

I wrote, but surprisingly the other day I received a comment on the article!
And he attached the translation file that his friend translated.

It was a short story, only three pages.

I read it for the first time in 30, no, 35 years.

I really got nostalgic goosebumps reading it.

It’s an old French story, but I think it’s still relevant today.
Maurice LeBlanc really captures female psychology well.
So maybe I was more of a Lupine fan than a Holmes fan.

In any case, this time I was able to reunite with a novel I hadn’t seen in decades, thanks to “Totally By the Way.”
I am very grateful to you.

TracommaA meeting of reading lovers

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Well, today is the story of the upholstery of the door net.

The other day my daughter said to me, “Mom, there is a hole in the door of my room. Please fix this.’

I am always in and out of my daughter’s room as I hang out the laundry and the futon on the balcony.
There was a small hole near the handle, maybe because that’s the window I go in and out of the most.
Did I catch something (^^;)? Need to fix this before mosquito season!

But where to go for repairs? Just when I was thinking
There was a flyer from the home center that was inserted into the newspaper that said, “Door Screen Replacement Workshop.”

Well, you can beat it yourself ~ Have your husband participate in the weekend workshop! ? ( ← Ha)
I thought for a moment, huh? Maybe the father of the parent’s house can do it? ?

I called and asked about it and found out that my father always does the upholstery at home himself and he even has the tools!
So last week I asked my dad to come and replace the door with me.

First, it was difficult to remove the door net (laughs).
Our window is a foreign made window called Marvin and it cannot be removed as easily as the Japanese screen (^^;)
Eventually, I was able to remove the screen door by unscrewing the 6 screws on the window and removing the metal bar.
Screen door AHEAD

The screen of the door of the removed window sagged badly. I have been using it for 10 years since I moved here.
there is slack

The screen door in my daughter’s room had a hole like this near the handle.
there was a hole

I bought the materials at the home center.

required materials

・A screen door that is sold rolled up, 90cm x 2m. It was about 700 yen at a home center.

– Rubber mesh. The thickness varies depending on the door screen, so it is best to check it before buying.
Marvin’s window was just right with 3.5 mm diameter rubber. About 300 yen for 7 m length.

· roller. I think it’s a good idea to buy something that matches the thickness of the rubber. About 400 yen. If you buy it, you can use it forever.

that’s all.

First, remove the old rubber from the edge and clean the existing mesh. The rubber had deteriorated and was dirty.
take the rubber

Glue the net with Peran.
peel off

After wiping the frame with a rag,
clear the frame

Lay the new mesh up so that the mesh and frame are parallel,
lay out a new network

Clip one side. (don’t move)
clip on

Insert the end of the rubber band into the groove of the corner and stop the net.
Put the rubber from the end

I will push him with a roller.
Put rubber on the first two sides so that the mesh is parallel to the groove.

The two remaining sides are pressed with a roller while simultaneously pulling the mesh so that it does not sag.
After the rubber is inserted around the
Put rubber on all four sides

After making sure there is no sagging, cut off the excess mesh with a cutter.
Cut off the excess mesh with a cutter

That’s it! I managed to stretch it nicely←I just watched my father work~

And there are several more windows in our house, so this one too.
There were no holes in the screen door, but it was stretched and sagging, so I pulled the rubber out and put it back in, pulling the screen tight.
just by pulling

So I was able to stick it.
The dirt on the mesh door was wiped with a wet melamine sponge on both sides of the mesh to remove the dirt, then wiped with a junk cloth on both sides.
melamine sponge

I managed to stretch it gently

This is the first time I’ve figured out how to replace a door screen.
When I ask the contractor, I wonder if it costs around ¥3000 to replace the door net?
Would it be better to ask the dealer? What a thought, but when I told my father about it,

– But it would be more fun to do it yourself.

I thought it was true

It’s our own house, so I think we want to take care of it ourselves.
It’s hard, but if you do it yourself, you can do it cheaply and you’ll be more attached to your home.

I hope I can continue to live comfortably and happily in this house, cleaning and repairing it as a family.

TracommaDo it yourself, with your own hands, with your own hands

Tracommato live happily

See you soon~♪
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