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[DIY]Fix scratches on the enamel of the sink! Also kitchen tiles…

Good morning (・∀・)

In fact, there were scratches on the enamel of the sink on the first floor for several years, which did not disappear even after washing.

Enamel is glass glaze fired on metal.
It looks like a metal image covered with glass.
It must have been dropped or scratched so the metal inside was exposed and the rust came out.
No matter how much I clean it, it can’t be wiped off, so can the rust be left alone? I was afraid that the rust might spread inside, so I bought a repair kit.

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[Выкарыстанне]For scratches, chips and cracks on enamel and artificial marble.

Adhesive based on mixed curing epoxy resin with two liquids.

Note: When I looked at the back, the writing was pretty scary.
Take care and work.

I don’t want to touch it, so I need rubber gloves to work with it. Take care of your hands and fingers.
And be sure to work in a well-ventilated area.

1) Thoroughly dry the area to be coated.
After cleaning and drying with towels and paper towels, I also used a blow dryer.

②Mix A and B with the supplied spatula.
Cut the unnecessary transparent file into small pieces and use it as a table.
First, take out Agent A (white).
Take out the same amount of Agent B (grey)…
After mixing it will start to harden. The speed of hardening is not high, so there is no need to rush.
If you are repairing colored enamel, you can mix water-based paints to create color.
Our house is white, and it remains so.

③ Apply enamel to the wound.
Apply this to the scratched part of the enamel.

④ Smooth out.

When I saw a trick that was featured on YouTube,dishwashing liquidIt seems fine when applied to a fingertip.
Flatten it with your fingers.
When applying the detergent, it will not stick to the fingers (rubber gloves).
↓ It’s hard to see, but I flattened it.

④Leave until solidified.
It says “until it hardens”, but it takes a long time to harden in the winter, so I decided not to use the sink all day. At 20°C, the final adhesion strength is reached after 24 hours. Curing will be very slow if the temperature drops below 5°C, so it may be better to work in the summer.

Stick on whatever masking tape you had around the house to make it stand out and call the family LINE to say “Do not use!”
On this day, the whole family will use the sink on the second floor💦

⑤Sand with sandpaper.
After hardening (about 3 hours at 20°C), clean the surface with sandpaper (about 400).
But I didn’t sand it because I thought it would damage the other parts as well.
I didn’t do anything, and it’s almost invisible.
I am glad that I no longer see the scars that I saw before 💛
If you look closely, you can see that the toothpaste was dropped (laughs).
Compared to the scars I’ve had so far, it’s normal (*´∇`*)

It is no longer noticeable. Also, I’m glad I didn’t have to worry about rust spreading further.
So, from now on, I’ve been painting with leftover resin, so maybe it’s best not to follow suit.
My kitchen tile (INAX Mystikiramic #0) had a chip. I wonder if I can fill that spot too…
After applying the excess resin, apply dish soap and smooth it out.
After curing ↓ Invisible. It also does not sand.
As for the tiles, they weren’t on the product list, so I decided to use them myself (・∀・)
The kitchen tiles in my house seem to be covered with a glossy glass glaze called “bright glaze” so I thought it was similar to enamel so I tried using it.
(Maybe I will, so I’ll wait and see for a while.)

The work itself is simple, so I’m glad I was able to repair it for a few hundred yen (・∀・)
I still have the repair agent left so I’d like to get that fixed if there are other areas I’m concerned about.

Here on Amazon.

I think it would be good if you could do your best to help yourself and live comfortably (*´∇`*)

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