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Different ideas ☆Introduced from the comments we received♪ How to hide plastic bags in the trash can!

Yesterday I went to the city center to measure my daughter’s school uniform.
When I saw the skirt that the merchant had on display, I thought, “Is it good if it’s that short?” I got it (´・ω・`)
It certainly looked good on my lap so I ordered it…

The skirt I made for my daughter’s uniform when she entered high school was below the knee length, but she ended up hating it and hardly ever wore it (~~~)
I usually only wear short skirts (above the knee) that I bought in thrift stores…!
A long skirt could be used in the recommended entrance exam (laughs).

That’s why this time I chose a short skirt from the very beginning.

High school moms are gathering!

By the way, I got different ideas in the comments to the previous article “Gluing plastic bags in garbage cans”. Thank you!
I’ve actually tried a few so I’ll be featuring them today~☆

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Well, let me start with the comments I received.

Idea 1 “Two trash cans”
Idea by Himari.

“I usually put the vinyl in a 100-kin bin and put it in the trash as is.”
I understand. If you have a trash can that is the right size (one size smaller), it’s easier than using a paper clip!
A long time ago, when I made a trash can with eco-raft, I first made it to a size that could fit a 100 yen trash can. (Here’s an article from that time)
However, the ¥100 trash can broke due to wear and tear, and when I tried to purchase the same one, it was no longer sold at Daiso. It was too big and didn’t fit! I wish they made the same size all the time.
I think I’ll try to find another 100 yen shop again~(・∀・)

Idea 2 “Stop eraser”
Idea from Emi-chan♪
“We usually use a rubber band to hold it in place.” I thought so, but I’m wondering if I can increase it by plugging it in.

But you can do it with pajama rubber! I thought, and it really worked.
pajama rubber

There was a pajama elastic for 100 yen, so try to make a ring out of it (smaller than a trash can’s snout).
First, stop the rubber in the trash can.
make a circle

Then there is the sensation of inserting a plastic bag into the mouth.
release vinyl

It was a bit difficult and the rubber flew up (laughs).
Pajama Rubber Operation
A bit of vinyl on the outside but looks neat.
This is an idea!

Idea 3 “Place a thin plastic plate in the circle and cover it with a plastic bag.”
Idea by Zappa-san and Mamet-san♪
Zappa blogged about it. → here
It’s so much more!
I don’t have a plastic board at home, so I used construction paper that I had at home (laughs).
construction paper

This is a miniature sized trash can made using eco-crafts. I use it in Japanese-style rooms and children’s rooms.
Eco Craft Recycle Bin 2

Place two pieces of construction paper in this, glued together (not made into a ring, just place it)
turn to

Put the vinyl on it. Ah, that’s refreshing! You can’t see it from the outside!
Operation Paper

This idea is perfect for such a cylindrical trash can.
Although it is difficult for a garbage can of the type that is carried from above.
If you use construction paper, it will break over time, so thin plastic sheeting is better.

Idea 4 “Stop with a hair band”
Another idea from Mametta♪
I actually tried to stop it with a hair band I had at home (laughs)
Weird because it was only black, but it would have been nice if it had a stylish pattern and the bin was black!
band for the hair of the feet

I see~ Come to think of it, I could see something similar in Felissimo…
(This is all ~→ A group of trash cans with a tile pattern that hides and colors the feeling of life)

You can even make it with your favorite fabric!
If you can put the rubber well…
Ah, but I wonder if it’s hard to slow down. I’d rather have a hair band.

Idea 5 “Make a circle with eco-crafts”
This is the idea of ​​Mr. Toto, who makes garbage cans using eco-friendly products♪
Make a circle with ecocraft

This involves making a ring of eco-raft (paper tape) about the same size as the trash can, covering it with vinyl, and fitting it inside.
I did a little bit with ecocraft.

I can’t see vinyl on the outside again and that’s refreshing.
But when I put it on, it sometimes falls inside and it’s a bit hard for me to put it on…(;´Д`)
Strategy for creating an eco-craft circle
It may be better to come up with a non-slip one


So, thanks a lot for all the ideas!
There were a lot of things I hadn’t thought about and it made sense.
I think you can try them all at once with things you have at home, so please try them in your trash can as well☆
Depending on the shape of the trash can, whether it has thick edges, whether it’s cylindrical or not, I think the easiest way to do this will vary, so I think it’s best to give it a try.

I think the fun part of blogging is being able to share ideas and opinions with comments like this.
Thanks so much for all your opinions!

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