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Clothes are stored in a Konmari-style chest of drawers (^^)

I showed you a pretty embarrassing photo last time (laughs), but surprisingly everyone seemed to have trouble storing their clothes, so I got a lot of clicks in support.Thanks ヽ(。・ω・)ノ゚

Also nice to meet you today ヽ(*’-^*).

Well, today is the continuation of “Trying out Kanmari clothes”.

I put the lost clothes back in the closet.
an empty dresser

As for how to fold clothes at the time, I looked up “How to fold Konmari” on the internet and tried to imitate it.

First, lay the garment face up and smooth out the creases with your hands.

Fold the sleeves and sides in a straight line. (Fold it towards you so that it is straight.)

Lift the neck and fold it.

Fold it again. It seems that the number of folds can be changed depending on the height of the drawers in the house.

Fold one last time.

Then stop! !

Hmm, I didn’t know how to put it.
So far, I’ve been folding my clothes just fine (although looking at the before photo of the closet, it was messy).), I tried to put it in a drawer.
With this method, it’s easy to forget undergarments, and if the undergarments are removed, the outer clothing will be a mess.

With this “vertical storage” method, you can see all the clothes in the closet~☆
It’s amazing.
It’s the same with jeans, and they’re sort of folded into a rectangle.

That’s what I folded up and put in a drawer.
Drawer for long sleeves and sweaters (winter)↓
winter clothes 2

Short sleeves (summer) in the drawer below ↓
The Konmari folding method

In the chest of drawers 60 cm wide…

sheer long sleeves
Konmari Flow Box 1


jeans and a skirt.
denim skirt

Oh God!

All the clothes I used to put in the closet fit in the dresser so I don’t have to change.
I hate changing clothes (Isn’t it troublesome~?).
Until now I had to endure it to the limit (even when it was cold I was shivering in short sleeves), but now I can wear short sleeves on hot days.
What a wonderful thingヾ( ̄∇ ̄=ノ

However, there is one problem…
With this way of folding I really don’t know what kind of clothes this is (explosion)

If it’s patterned you might know, but I have a lot of plain grey, black and beige clothes so they all look the same. All jeans look the same (laughs).

So I improved it in my style (laughs)
This time, put it breast side down and fold it in the same way.
Personal method of composition 2

If you fold it like this, you can see the breast features♪
My writing style 4

Konmari is young, she’s 26 (!), so you could tell what outfit it is just by looking at the color of the outfit, but Arafor, who has a bad memory, should be able to tell her features that way.. Chances are you won’t be able to get the clothes you want…(´・ω・`)Wow.

So I made a few changes.
It's easier to understand!

I didn’t know what to do with the jeans, so I turned the pocket inside out.
take out your pocket

Well, that’s pretty obvious. If you can’t see the pattern on the chest of the t-shirt, you can’t understand it~
so you can see your breasts

*I haven’t read Konmari’s book, so I apologize if I’m wrong.

Next comes the hanger part.
Coats, suits, long skirts, blouses, etc.
hanger after

All hangers are standardized as non-slip hangers.
Uniform with a non-slip hanger

You really shouldn’t slip! !
non-slip hanger

It is thin, so it does not take up much width. It looks neat when it’s complete ☆
I’m thinking of buying more for my kids closets.

Non-slip hanger Nagashio Dutch hanger 41cm width black set of 10[Item1[Пункт1

Non-slip hanger Nagashio Dutch hanger 41cm width black set of 10[Item1[Пункт1
Price: ¥1,047 (tax included, shipping excluded)

The type I use is 41cm wide. 45cm might be too big for a woman.

There is also a detail to hang the skirt, so it is suitable for a suit, but I am thinking of buying a hanger for the skirt.
Let’s go see the hands. If anyone has any recommendations for hangers, please let me know.

And due to the reduction in the number of clothes, this time they emptied eight closets (in which non-seasonal clothes were previously stored) on the chest of drawers.
This time I decided to put ski clothes on him.
I have a family of four, so I need to find a place.
ski clothing

To this day, we each hang it in the closet in our room year-round, but my family goes skiing a few times a year. You need to take it out only when using it.
If you put ski clothes, gloves, goggles, etc. in a set and put your Name Land sticker on it, you won’t hesitate to get this.
store ski clothes

I put this on top of the closet in the Japanese style room. I’ve never posted anything here before.
Ski clothes can be stored here

I will be introducing the Japanese style room closet soon (after tidying up lol).
I decided to put the other four cabinets under the cabinet.
I decided to use it to store nautical goods (such as floats), swimwear and pillow cases.

When one place cleans up, other places also seem to clean up like a bunch…that’s good~♪♪

Everyone, please do your best to remove your clothes when you have a chance to change♪
It is very good to feel at home in order

See you soon~♪
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