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Cleaning my sister’s house “Make room for stove storage”

good morning!
The other day my son learned in biology class,
“The more developed the cerebral cortex, the smarter the organism,
Humans and apes can reason
Dogs can do trial and error,
with birdsturtleI have no imagination,” he said.

If you put the bait on the other side of the wire mesh and see what it does,
The monkey found the side open from the beginning and went to get it from the side,
After wandering in front of the wire mesh for some time, the dog found an open side and went for it,
Birds and turtles just throw themselves into the wire mesh…(´・ω・`)

Well, I’m sure there are smart birds and turtles out there, but if you look at my Hide-chan… it’s true!

When I go to kindergarten she finds my mom and jumps on me and I get tied up in the fence and can’t move (explosion)
The width of the grate is about 50 cm, so if you move a little to the side, you can pass.
↓ Click to enlarge.

I moved to the side, and when I thought it was going to go that way, I was about to go through the fence next to him… that’s impossible~ (laughs)
You don’t know the size of your sink

Such a stupid place is also wonderful☆
When I weed the garden, you always follow me~

Herman’s Tortoise is the easiest to keep (Hide-chan thinks it’s the Eastern Herman’s Tortoise).
He is friendly.
Hide-chan loves people very much. I always wonder if it’s scary.
From Hide-chan’s point of view, he’s hanging near the giant’s feet (^^;)

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Well, I did go to see my sister last week.
When I was tidying up the Japanese-style room next to the living room (← for home visits), there was a place I couldn’t stand.

TracommaI want to put my house in order

It’s inside this door.

A pantry in a Japanese-style room next to the living room.
Entrance shelf in Japanese style

Since the inside of the door is a place that the customer can’t see, we decided to do it after visiting the house (there was a place that was given more priority ^^;).

When I opened it, it looked like this…

It was especially unbearable for me to put the stove in such a place.

The tile is heavy, so I know it’s best to put it on the bottom.

If you put it on a cabinet or refrigerator, you will be afraid of an earthquake, and it is heavy, so it is difficult for housewives to put it on.
If you put it in a place that is difficult to take out, it will be troublesome to put it in and take it out, and the frequency of use will decrease.

So it’s good to put it in this door.


If you put it on the floor, the dust is terrible~.
Dust flew around the stove.
Even though I’m a foodie, I can’t forgive it (><)
Moreover, various items are placed on the stove and it is difficult to get them out when it is time to use them.

So at home, with the help of my father, we decided to make a shelf together.

Delete everything inside at once. After cleaning, sizing, go to the home center.

This time I didn’t make a wall shelf like the one I made in Hallway Storage Shelves♪.
it isbecause there were no pillars in the wall. I was worried about the possibility of making a durable shelf with only plasterboard.

So I decided to make a pedestal.

I bought a 90cm x 40cm 1.8cm thick board from a home center and cut it to 84.5cm wide.
I have a home improvement card so the reduction is free.

As for the legs, the board is expensive, so I bought two SPF materials (about ¥280 for 1.8m long) and had them cut into four 53cm lengths.
try to raise your legs

First, drill a hole in the board
make a hole with a drill

↓ It’s convenient to have it at home~

Also, after inserting the screws to the very edge of the board, I installed it inside and assembled it. (Because if you collect it outside, you can’t fit it inside)
perfect size

Also, I used this step (it ended up in the toolbox I brought with me lol)

Hammer it in the leg to make it durable. Initially it’s like something that stops the code~
get stuck

Now you have a solid table.

With a height of 53 cm, there will be enough space even if you put a bag of old newspapers under it.

It’s okay to put a heavy object on top like a stove! Durable.
It’s easy to reach because it’s tall enough, and since it’s not on the floor, it doesn’t get dusty.

I decided to put paper bags, old newspapers and old paper.
Also, I’m thinking of trying to develop a bit more about paper bag storage ( ̄ー ̄)
Looking forward to the next time~☆

TracommaCloset to storage cupboard

TracommaI want to live more comfortably!

See you soon♪

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