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Cleaning my sister’s house “A shelf in the hallway for storage ♪”

Good morning♪
I haven’t written about Hide-chan’s turtle lately, but she’s still doing well~(^^)
It’s getting a little cold, so he slowed down (because reptiles are cold-blooded animals), but he wants to go to the garden, so he’s in the sun during the day. In the evenings, when I move him into my house, he sleeps under my special heater.
↓ Two 100 yen shelves are connected and heated from above by a heater. After entering, a blanket is hung from above.


Recent Hide-chan↓

↓Everyone is full of turtle love♪

TracommaTurtle breeding (・∀・)

Well, the other day my sister asked me to go clean my sister’s house again (^^)
My little sister says, “I still have a lot of cleaning to do at home, so I don’t have a problem with blog topics for my sister” (laughs)

This time I was asked to keep the corridor between the entrance and the living room.
front room for storage

Such storage is ordinary.
It’s a useful place to put things you use in the living room, like the vacuum cleaner, but I think this place can easily get messed up if you don’t think of it.
Our house used to be dirty. Check out the story of how we upgraded our hallway storage here.

When I opened the door … everything was like this (^ ^;)
When you open the door (FRONT)

The width of the door is narrow, but the left side is also used for storage. (The narrow door is also the reason why it is difficult to use.)

They tried the cramped shelves, the 100 yen baskets, and the mini shelves, but they didn’t know where they were and it took a long time to find what they were looking for. I, for one, had to look everywhere just to find one patch.

There’s a vacuum cleaner down there and so on.

While I’m putting everything on the shelf on the table.

And the other day I put together a DVD KASSETT case (total 3 sets at ¥499 for 2.6) that I bought from IKEA and told them to store the essentials.That’s why I went to IKEA three days in a row ~ (laughs)

I still have a small child, so the amount of medicine is also large.
“Plaster, bandage, poultices”
“External Medicine”
“Internal Medicine”
Divided into 3 parts for storage.

Check the expiration date and throw away anything that has expired. Dispose of unfamiliar prescription medications.

I also made a box to put things like thread and packing tape.

I put the “tools” and “masks and disposable warmers” in an IKEA plastic case (Variera N box, ¥599 each).

While my sister was tidying up, I made a shelf.
So far there was only one shelf board in the middle, but the shelves are not enough.
↓ After removing the shelf board.
spacious inside

Since this space gets a lot of use, I thought it would be nice to create a sturdy shelf instead of an unstable vertical shelf because it’s nice and sturdy.

I used this series to be able to change the height of the shelf depending on the items to be stored.
The same series that I made for storage in the hallway in my house (^ ^)

It is called “System of Elements”. Internet is cheaper than a home center in my area!

I bought two 1m rods (for the bottom), two 50cm rods (for the top) and six 30cm shelf brackets.
(Originally there was a wooden plank in the middle, so you had to hit the post separately at the top and bottom.)
I then bought 3 boards 30cm deep x 90cm long (I cut them to 84cm at a home center).

Lift the metal rod from both ends (confirm that there is a post in the wall) and screw it.
stop like this

Attach the L-shaped metal hardware at the desired height and insert wooden planks (laminated pine lumber) to complete the sturdy shelf.
Add 1 step above

In the same way, attach a 1 m pole from below.
1 m below

I added one shelf on top and two shelves on the bottom.

If you want to store more things, you can add another level below.

If you need it in the future, you can easily add it.
I think the good thing about this element system is that you can freely change the height and number of shelves (^^)

Vacuum cleaner and fire extinguisher downstairs.
vacuum cleaner from below

The top is a place for light paper such as toilet paper, kitchen paper and tissue paper.

Medicines, tools, packing tape, etc. are easily stored on the shelf.

If you store it like this, you can see where everything is♪

I put things that I rarely use, but still need to be stored, on the left side, where they are hard to reach.
I don't use things in the back

I hope you can get what you want now 🙂
pull out

It’s a waste of time looking for things.
I am glad that my sister was happy and said: “You have become beautiful!” (^^)
IKEA’s KASSETT series is a paper box, but it’s quite durable, inexpensive and looks nice, so I think it’s suitable for this type of storage.

Oh, and I think labeling is important too! I brought the land to my name (^ ^)
I have been using it for over 10 years now and it is really helpful.

See you soon~♪

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