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Christmas gifts at Rakuten Big Thanksgiving, Shinjuku Lunch and Liberty ♪

Good morning♪
I plan to do a big cleaning with my family this morning (^-^)
My husband and I clean windows!
Have the children clean their rooms.

Well, (give order) I’ll do my best.

TrachomaHave you started cleaning?

Oh yeah, Rakuten is having a big thanksgiving day since yesterday.

I also bought a file related to cram school and went in because I needed to buy a note to take home.

↓ Kokuyo files are well made and easy to insert documents.

↓ At Yoku Moku Rakuten Ichiba Shop. I’m always happy to bring it with me ♪ It’s delicious ~

My husband also told me he wanted something related to personal computers, so I decided to buy more.
I still have time, so I can buy what I need for the end of the year and New Year holidays (^^;).

Trachoma♪ I picked it up today ♪

TrachomaHere are our tips for shopping around Rakuten♪

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By the way, yesterday I met my former colleague Jae-chan in Shinjuku♪
I currently live on the west coast of the United States with my family due to my husband’s work.
I’m going back to Japan for the time being, so I decided to have lunch ☆

I had lunch at Koto Cafe in Shinjuku.


TrachomaInformation about delicious restaurants in Tokyo ♪

This is a cute cafe that my friend En-chan (daughter) told me about.
I had a soup lunch. It was delicious

Order a beautiful latte art after dinner☆
Latte art

It was my cat, and Jae-chan was a girl.

For dessert, I’m strawberry tart♪

J is the tiramisu♪
The tiramisu

It was nice to have a relaxed conversation in a quiet cafe.
But if you go, it’s safer to make a reservation. It seems popular and full.

Very close to Shinjuku 3-chome station.

After lunch, Jae-chan wanted to buy some souvenirs for his friends in America, so we went to Hades in Takashimaya to buy some stationery.
I also like to look at stationery, so we chose a lot together♪
Check out cute tape stickers, deco rushes, and the latest trendy pens.
Japanese stationery from overseas ☆ will be appreciated as souvenirs

↓ I also bought a Deco Roche Chameleon for my daughter as a souvenir.
(Decolash is a sticker like correction tape.)

My daughter already has 5 decorations, but she doesn’t seem to have a chameleon… well


After that we had tea again and I gave her this Christmas present.

Actually, I’ve been making macaron bags since fall when I have time (laughs).

(See the story about making macaroons here → “Making Ribbon barrette & macaroons at Liberty)”.

I will give it as a gift to my friend
I tell my friends to choose the design they like, and choose what they want.

A macaron bag is easy to make, and since it’s a tie, you can throw it away if it gets dirty.

And this time, I also made a bag with freedom.

The tag is just a piece of cotton tape cut and sewn together.

↓ If there is a small tag, the work will be improved ~ Let’s buy next time!

The zipper has a strawberry.
Freedom Bag (3)

I bought this at Atsuko Matsuyama’s shop at the Tokyo Dome Patchwork Quilt Exhibition this year.
The products in Mr. Matsuyama’s shop are very beautiful and I love them.
I also plan to go to a patchwork club next January, so I’m thinking again about buying zippers and kits.

↓ I also have Matsuyama’s book. Now it’s half price with free shipping!

Rose flower inside. By J image (^-^)
Freedom Bag (4)

If you work with freedom, you can make a smooth and easy bag.

I thought it would be a little too much for my poor handmade items, so I also gave her a white ice plate towel as a gift.
Since dish towels are a consumable item, I wondered if I would have as many as I needed.

Glad J was happy.

I received a tea set with words like detox or antioxidant that made me look like a beautiful woman (!?) and a gift of Godiva chocolates.

Drink this to heighten your perception of beautyThank you~ ♪

I was happy to meet Jae-chan for the first time in a long time and to hear how well he was doing.

Jae-chan is good at working hard in the US, doing English, driving, doing yoga for his kids at school, and more!
I also thought that I should do my best in Japan.

I hope we will meet again next year

See you soon♪

I’m participating in the fabric exchange stage ♪.
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Thank you very much for everything ♪ ♪

↓ If you shop at Rakuten, the Rakuten Card is definitely a good deal – no annual fee!
It’s easy to collect points, so I always use this card when I shop recently.

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