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Children’s toys and picture books. Should I keep it or give it away?

Good morning♪
The other day I received a comment from “Masa-san” who has two daughters aged 0 and 3 (*´∇`*)thank you

“Please let me know how you store your child’s toys, books, clothes and other works. Is there anything you would call good?”

I listened to children’s stories while eating, many things came to my mind, so I will write about it today (・∀・)

My family mostly donates old toys and clothes to my sister’s house.
(I give it to my brother once in a while, but it’s far, so about once a year…)

My younger sister and younger brother have boys and girls who are younger than us, so it’s easy to pass them on.

Interest in children’s toys and picture books changes with age, so if you don’t keep changing them, the room will feel flat.

I can’t throw away things that are still beautiful or expensive, so it helps me a lot that my sister is happy with everything.

But now there are a few things I regret (´;ω;`)

↓A photo from when my son was just 3 years old when he went to Thomas Land♪
(My daughter is pregnant~)

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My son loved Thomas the Tank Engine when he was little.
↓ The era of corporate housing. I always spread Thomas out on the floor.
When I went out, I always held Thomas in my hand (laughs).
I bought this series of wooden Thomases when I lived in America.
Unlike plastic, the rails, locomotives and accessories are made of wood, and the locomotives are connected by magnets.
↓I collected episodes from Learning Curve. I think they don’t sell anymore…

I think one locomotive was about $10, but I collected a lot of them (;´D`)
I also tend to collect things (laughs) so I ended up wanting Thomas’ friends too~
Not only the main participants gathered, but also quite small associates💦
I had about two sets of large rails.
When my son was a baby and couldn’t speak much, he used to say “Thomas”, “Percy”, “Hadon” and “Hakkyo” (Sir Topham Hut lol)
I was always happy to play with them (*´∇`*)Nostalgic

But as expected, when I became an elementary school student, I stopped playing.

So you gave the whole set to your sister’s house…
Hope your nephew likes it.

After that, when I asked my sister, my nephew was not interested in trains, that’s whyI gave everything to my friend💦

Eh~! and a big shock!

But my sister is not so bad.

If you give something, you don’t have to regret itThat’s right.

Next, what to do with it is up to the recipient.

If my kid isn’t interested, I think I’ll pass it on to a friend.

The person who received it does not understand the feelings of the person who gave it, for example, “That was expensive!” or “My son was very excited to play with it.”

I’ve often gotten used items from friends for my kids, but from the perspective of the recipient, even branded items are a gift… I don’t think they’ll be as valuable as the ones I’ve bought myself .

that’s whyIf you don’t want to let go even a little, it’s better to keep it close at handI thought.

Another thing that blew me away was the picture book.

A picture book that my kids loved.
“Pee-a-boo”, “Guri and Gura”, “Bam and Kero”… I gave many of them to my younger sister, but the other day, when I said: “If you don’t read books anymore, I’ll take them back – she said, “I’ve already thrown most of it away.” It is said and it is also gaan.

Picture books are meant to be read by children, but parents who read them also share their memories.

Ah, but when I gave it to you, it was my fault for not saying, “If you no longer need it, return it.”

I gave you the old one, but I want you to return it someday.

I was asked to leave unnecessary items…

I used my sister’s house as a storage room.

It’s something like that

So my sister is not bad at all.

I am guilty of giving you something you regret💦

If I write something like this, I might be disqualified as a cleaning blogger, but…

When I talked to my son and daughter, they said, “I wish you hadn’t given me picture books.”

Just in case, when I gave toys and picture books to my sister’s house, I asked for children.

mother (me)

“You don’t play anymore, do you?
didn’t you read
Can I give it to you?
I’m sure 〇〇-chan (cousin) will be happy too.”

“You can give it to me,” the children say.

Since I’m stuck in tidying upForcing children to give up toys and picture booksI wonder if there was a place where I was.

… and I regret it a little.
Of course, I no longer use most of them, and thanks for taking them! That’s how I feel.
Also, I’ve never regretted giving up clothes.

I only regret a few things.


The idea of ​​”getting rid of things you don’t use now because you can buy them whenever you want” is gaining popularity.

But I don’t think it’s bad to leave things you love and use as a memory.

It’s nice to throw away everything you don’t use right now and feel refreshed… but it’s a little lonely.

… I think cherishing old things and memories is wonderful (*´∇`*)

Everyone has their own way of thinking, so I don’t know what is right.

Of course, if you are overwhelmed with things and it interferes with your normal life, it is better to reduce the number of things.

However, if I had a place to put them… Now I think with all my heart that it would be nice to sort them out carefully and put the important toys and picture books quietly in the attic.

Masa-san, I wonder if I disturbed you…💦
But it’s something I’ve thought about in retrospect, now that my baby is grown and I have some mental space.

I will write about how to save children’s works next time~

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