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Arisa Sato Collaborative Clothing “FlowerDays” The popular “Stripe” Linen style skirt is easy to mix and match!

“FlowerDays” and Arisa Sato collaboration clothing♡ MORE original mix

Do you know “FlowerDays”? ?

Shueisha MORE’s original fashion brand.

Simple and cute trendy clothes that can be worn on and off are affordable and easy to use!

A must-have brand for around 27 women.

This time, I bought a new collaboration outfit with the exclusive model Arisa Sato, so I will present it right away along with the coordination.

I touched on Arisa-chan’s talk show content a bit (^_^)

You can usually buy it from the online store “FLAG SHOP”, but there will be a pop-up store in Tokyo until April 16th, so you can actually see it and try it♪

If you are interested, please come ✨

In “FLAG SHOP” mail order, even if the image is different from what you thought, you can return it for free!

It’s best not to overdo it, but unlike the picture, to fail is a neck and a mail order. .
In such cases, we will also bear the shipping fee.

That’s why I find it useful as an easy-to-use mail order ♡

Arisa Sato Collaborative Clothing

The other day, I attended the 10th ANNIVERSARY PARTY of “FLAG SHOP”.

At Arisa Sato’s talk show, there will be a showcase of the new collaboration clothes!

Arisa Sato Collaborative Clothing

MORE Editor-in-chief Tawara-san and Sato Arisa-chan discussion session✨

Arisa looks relaxed in a long white knitted vest and a white dress.

I thought this when I attended last year’s Osaka MORE event, but Arisa-chan looks good in white.

As in the picture! Gorgeous red suits you too (^_^)

Arisa-chan is a talk show,
When it comes to spring fashion, the answer is that red and yellow are the colors of “colors” and “patterns.”

Also, when Arisa usually chooses clothes, she always chooses stylish clothes and always tries them on.

When it comes to pink fashion items, she said she wanted shoes or accessories.

And finally
Counseling for working women
“I will never forget the people who protect me.”
He told me that he appreciates things.

Arisa Sato Collaborative Clothing

There was also an exhibition corner where you could try on the clothes after the talk!

I didn’t have time to try it on, but I already decided that I wanted to buy this skirt.
I bought it from the “FLAG SHOP” online mail order, but it was exactly as I imagined! !

Arisa Sato Collaborative Clothing

This is Arisa-chan’s recommended point

Trendy stripes!
If you look closely, the thickness of the sea is random, giving it an elegant and diverse atmosphere!

With a ribbon vest, you can cinch your waist and look stylish!

The waist has a thick elastic, very comfortable to wear. !
However, I also like to be neat and tidy ♡

Even though Arisa-chan is very thin, she looks like she eats a lot, and it seems like there was a point about eating a lot!

We really wear skirts! ! ✨

Arisa Sato Collaborative Clothing

I tried it right away!

Nice casual ♡

Arisa Sato collaboration clothing

I tried pairing the GU pink dot with the G jacket.

It goes well with bright colored tops.
Yellow and lavender are also suitable for light colors!

It’s casual as a prom outfit, but it also has a neat and clean vibe, so it looks good✨

I tried matching the top and bottom with Arisa collaboration clothes!

Arisa Sato Collaborative Clothing

A mid-length knit with a relaxing vibe.

Does sleeveless knitting seem difficult? I didn’t have an item. But it’s a mysterious item that makes you look fashionable when worn.

Arisa Sato Collaborative Clothing

It seems that this point was inspired by foreign tours.
A cool atmosphere where you can easily become a mature woman in foreign style.

Like Arisa-chan, pair it with a white dress for a layered look in spring, or a single piece in early summer.

Relaxed comfort with a spacious one-size-fits-all design♡

Fashion long things x long things catch fire! A combination of mature and elegant is possible.

Arisa Sato Collaborative Clothing

It has a slit so you can wear it over a shirt! !

G goes well with jackets and sweaters. Compatibility with white sneakers ◎

Beautiful coordination, perfect for the office ♡

Arisa Sato collaboration clothing

Finally, I paired it with a trench coat and a white shirt.

It’s also cute enough to wear to the office!

I’m happy because it’s easy to mix and match with the clothes I have ♡

Arisa Sato collaboration clothing

By the way, I personally like the flare at the bottom of the skirt that you can see through the coat♡

I am 158 cm tall,
I wonder if it would be the same as a coat on a slightly taller person? ?

Anyway, I like the long length ♡♡♡

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