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Any tips for a happy day here? 《*5 morning habits*》recommendations✨✨

Lately, I’ve been seeing topics like “successful use of time” and “life habits that attract success” a lot, but there’s something I’ve been aware of since I was in high school.

*how to spend the morning*

“Successful people appreciate the morning hours”

After hearing this word, while I have time and mental freedom to act, I began to follow the way I spend the morning. Today it has become a habit among them before I know it.

*five points*

Introducing \(^o^)/

Maybe there is a hidden clue to attract a good day! If you want, contact him♪

1. Bask in the morning sun

Open the curtains in the morning! This is common knowledge, but…
Morning sunlight is said to suppress sleep hormones and reset your body clock.

The ideal environment is one where sunlight comes in naturally at dawn.

Any tips for a happy day here?  《*5 morning habits*》recommendation✨✨_2

The best way for a person to wake up in the morning is to wake up naturally with sunlight✨

I love listening to the sounds outside the window, feeling the morning light, and feeling the day’s weather and the “start of the day” in the world.

2. Enjoy the afterglow after waking up in a soft blanket

It’s not good to get up right after waking up, so I try to move my body gradually while enjoying the futon’s afterglow. At that time, a soft blanket makes me happy ♡

And when I go to bed, I put a lot of emphasis on the comfort and texture of my loungewear♪ Lately, I’ve been mostly wearing Gelato Pique.

Any tips for a happy day here?  《*5 morning habits*》recommendation✨✨_3

The time I spend thinking about what kind of day I want to spend today, feeling warm and fuzzy in the morning sun, is the happiest time✨

3. Turn on your favorite music

It’s something you can do even on the busiest of mornings. From your favorite playlist, choose the one that matches your mood for the day♪

Any tips for a happy day here?  《*5 morning habits*》recommendation✨✨_4

I often listen to Japanese music with positive lyrics or music without vocals, such as jazz, where emotions are less involved.

Did you know that music can strengthen your immune system? A NASA experiment seems to have found that nature sounds, healing music, and the sound of a slow heartbeat activate white blood cells and boost immunity.

Believing in such an effect, I believe that this is one of the easiest ways to start a positive day with pure listening to your favorite music.

4. Burn your favorite scent

Any tips for a happy day here?  《*5 morning habits*》recommendation✨✨_5

Another thing that makes me feel good in the morning is this aroma diffuser✨ It’s part of my habit since last year.

We recommend the grapefruit flavor.
Having heard that citrus scents positively stimulate the sense of smell, I naturally began to pick them.
It seems like there are a lot of people who are into athletes, etc.
I use the Afternoon Tea aroma diffuser♪
The design is also very cute and I love it ♡

5. Drink a glass of water before your favorite breakfast

A glass of water in the morning is very important to improve blood flow✨I try to drink it as soon as I wake up.

Any tips for a happy day here?  《*5 morning habits*》recommendation✨✨_6

With your favorite mug♡

And after that, have a good breakfast☆
When I don’t have time I rely on cereal etc but mostly I’m a solid person in the morning✨

I don’t want to cool my body, so there are a lot of soups.

Any tips for a happy day here?  《*5 morning habits*》recommendation✨✨_7

photo top left
· Soy milk soup with spinach and bacon
· Minestrone with lots of vegetables
Chicken soup with noodles
· Milk soup from Chinese cabbage and mushrooms

You can also add rice to make it risotto style♪

It was a revelation when I put the five entered points side by side! !

1. Bathe in the morning sun → 《Visual》
2. Enjoy the afterglow after waking up in a pleasant-to-the-touch blanket → “Tactile”
3. Burn your favorite fragrance → 《Smell》
4. Turn on your favorite music → “Hearing”
5. After drinking a glass of water, eat your favorite breakfast → 《Taste》

I fully activate my five senses✨

That means. Maybe it makes sense in human nature!
By the way, I’ve heard that if you activate your five senses, your sixth sense (intuition) will also be sharpened.

I don’t know if it’s because of this habit, but I’m always in a good mood from the morning.
Feelings, music, aromas and food… Surrounding yourself with your favorite things in the morning can be the most important point of all (^^)

When you feel good, you naturally attract good things. If you want, contact him♪
Thank you very much ✨

Any tips for a happy day here?  《*5 morning habits*》recommendation✨✨_8

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