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A secret (!?) hobby bookstore

Good morning♪
Next week is already March

This year, 2 months have already passed! ? Some time ago it was New Year~
Lately I think time is going too fast…((((;´・ω・`)))

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Well, how many hobby books do you have (^-^)?
I think everyone has different hobbies, but I have a lot of books related to “craft” and “roses”… (laughs)

I secretly put it in a Japanese-style room on the first floor (laughs).

This is a Japanese-style room on the first floor.

↑ An ultrasonic cleaner is on the shelf (^-^)
Click here for the article when I bought it → “Fun to wash different things ♪ Ultrasonic cleaner”
My husband uses it to clean his glasses every weekend, so I keep it here♪

The shelves are on top of a low chest that I’ve been using since I was single to increase storage, and I use file drawers to hide books.

A file box is best suited for a blindfold♪

Shelves are made like this. This is a shelf I made to store the children’s toys when I lived in a service home.
I cut the board at the shop and put it together with a hammer♪
It was just the width of the lower chest, so I put it on (laughs)

A nostalgic image of the company’s housing

It was a small company house (the size of the living room was only 4.5 tamas), so I hand made it to the right size.

I made two shelves 90cm wide, 35cm deep and 36cm high and placed them side by side.
This height is just right for small children’s games ♪
Shelf for toys 3

Ah…she was cute when she was little…now she’s bigger than me…I haven’t lost any weight yet.
shelf for toys 4

The back part is reinforced with such a board that it is safe for children to ride.
the back side

I don’t need any more storage space for the kids’ toys, so this shelf is no longer needed, but I don’t throw anything away easily and use what I have. ← Just poverty

For details, see the article → Decorating a room in Japanese style “A beautiful old chest in white”

↓ It is convenient to have the name of the land ♪ to create labels

I tried to delete this whole file.Actually so many books were hidden

Now let’s look at the book…

First of all, children’s piano lessons and sheet music. 2 file drawers.
A tutorial on playing the piano

I’ve been learning to play piano with my brother and sister since I was little, so it could be from a beginner’s book. I gave some to my niece.
The son has already dropped out, and the daughter is still a weak student.
I haven’t practiced much, but I like the piano and I often play old songs for a change of pace, so I’ll leave it as it is.

And here is a card file with magazines and books published so far.
When did you do it? I will keep it as a memory.
paper publication

And there are two filing cabinets with gardening books.

One is a book related to “Nivaki”.
I had never done garden trees until I moved into this house, so I bought a beginner’s book and learned a lot (laughs).
At first I thought of trying vegetables, but I realized that I have no talent for vegetables, so now I plant roses.

But someday I’ll grow something again, and I like looking at pictures of garden trees and flowers, so I’ll keep them.

The book “Rose” is just fun to look at. Sometimes I open it and look at the garden like this (^-^)

I love reading blog posts about roses too!

Tracommarose rose rose rose♪

And the books related to needlework are also two filing cabinets.

This cross stitch book was my mother’s, but it is very cute☆
cute cross stitch

I want to do cross stitch someday, so I’ll keep it (laughs)

Hawaiian quilt related books and eco craft books.

I started sewing after a friend taught me how to make a Hawaiian quilt.
I love Kathy Nakajima’s Hawaiian quilt design♪ I haven’t made Hawaiian quilts lately, but I think I’ll try making a bag this summer♪
↓I want a new book~

This is a book about patchwork.

I like Sanae-san and Atsuko Matsuyama☆I’m currently making a pouch for Atsuko Matsuyama.

And finally, the “Other” field (laughs)
I don’t belong to any of them, but I have the necessary books. District map…

Oh my god, this book just came out! nostalgic! ← Ha

A few years ago I tried a bit more… but it was all hidden 🙂
I will save this to get motivated again someday!

Because this time I decided to get rid of the old knitting book.
The designs of sweaters and cardigans are trendy and I probably won’t be knitting them (^^;)

How many years ago was Miyoko Omomo’s book written? ?

TracommaA clean place/thing

After tidying up. It is almost not reduced, but it is the kind of book that you want to keep if possible.

There are probably some books I won’t be using right now, but…
Storage of handicrafts 2

You can declutter to a certain extent, but I like my current room where I can enjoy my “hobbies” surrounded by things I like♪

If I want to look at a book, I pull it out like this and flip through it here.
a book on needlework

What should I do next?
See how to care for roses
I am happy to be able to put my books out here at such a relaxing and enjoyable time.

See you soon~♪

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Thank you so much for everything♪♪

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