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A new tissue box in the living room

good morning♪
It’s nice weather today~ It’s early spring weather (^-^)

My daughter’s final exams are coming up, so yesterday I sat down at the dinner table and watched her study (if only drawing circles and asking questions) and doing what I could do next to her.

I was thinking about what to make, so I made this tissue box using a simple cardboard box.

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I’ve made tissue boxes using cartonnage and eco-craft several times over the years, but as time goes by the tissue gets smaller! !

If you put the current tissue in the case you made a long time ago, it gets too baggy.

So I recreated the housing I use in my living room.
I made it years ago so it’s getting old (^^;)

↓ The left side is the tissue box I used. This time it is generally a bit more compact.

Cardboard is a craft where you make a box from cardboard and stick fabric on it (← too abbreviated), but if you search for “cartonnage”, you will find a variety of elegant, elaborate and wonderfully beautiful works. .

But the ones I make are simpler, less elaborate… and don’t cost any money (lol), in other words, they’re simple (laughs).

Pencil cases with beautiful ribbons and laces do not suit our family.

↓ Cardboard tissue boxes for sale.…I’m a housewife who thinks things like this are hard to clean (´・_・`)

This time I used two types of fabric.

This is the canvas of Decollections♪

The inside is lined with Daiso wrapping paper. I can’t see it unless I open the lid so I don’t spend money on the inside (laughs)

I put it on the closet in the living room entrance. I like that the yellow color is bright
entrance living room

Yes Yes. I now have a calendar for next year on my wall.
I already have a lot of plans for next year (although it’s all about my kids), so I’ll be able to fill it out soon.

This calendar is very easy to write on and I love it.
There are similar calendars in 100 yen stores, but this one is easy to write on because each sheet of paper is thick.

Making a tissue box with Cartonnage

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See “read more” for making and size.

See you soon~♪
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☆ how to make

If you look at the recent tissues side by side, there are different sizes.
different sizes

Strangely enough, the vertical length of the box is 11.5 cm and they are all the same.
But the width is very different. There was variation from 21.5 cm to 24.5 cm.
height too. 150 sets, 160 sets, 200 sets are different. The height was 4.5 cm to 5.5 cm.

So I decided to make it in a size that would fit the largest box I had at home.
(Nisshinbo’s PEACH weave)

The box uses 2mm cardboard.

White cardboard is easy to use.

If you use gray cardstock, it may darken if you use a light-colored cloth.

cardboard cut to size
・Floor plate 12.6 cm x 25.6 cm 1 piece
・2 horizontal plates 26cm x 7cm
12.6cm x 7cm 2 sheets
・Top plate 13.2 cm x 26.2 cm (Make a 15 cm x 3.5 cm hole in the center of the top plate)

Cut the cardboard to the above size with a knife.

Then assemble the box, except for the top plate. It feels like you’re sticking to the side (outside) of the bottom plate.

Simply apply water to the water-applied tape with your finger and apply.

The box is easy to complete!

Place the cardboard on the lid and check if it is slightly larger than the box.

Then I made the fabric for the sides. I split 9 cm wide long cloths with a sewing machine.

Stick the whole on the side with a glue stick. Nori sticks are really good.

As it is, I taped the remaining fabric to the bottom.

And for the inside I use wrapping paper, which is easier than fabric because it doesn’t require any edge processing (laughs).
It was sold at Daiso for about 100 yen for 3 pieces.

tram traffic100 yen shop

First stick it from the inside of the bottom with glue.

Stick on three sides.
Then attach a piece of fabric to the joint between the lid and the box.

Place a yellow cloth on the lid and attach it to the box.

Paste the wrapping paper

Complete by cutting the hole for the ejector port.

If you have all the ingredients I think you can make it in about 2 hours.

Everyone, please make it with your favorite cloth!

See you soon~♪
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If you are a beginner, it might be a good idea to start with a cartonnage kit.

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