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A must watch for those who want to have black hair!How to dye just the ends of your hair without damaging it

Dye only the tips of your hair at home without damaging them!

Due to the corona crisis, the chances of going to a beauty salon have decreased.
Before I knew it, the black was just the base and it had become a pudding…!

it’s me

I don’t think so many people thought.

Actually me too
It’s the corona disaster and I’m reluctant to go to the beauty salon, so let’s make it black! I am the one who decided.

Benefits of going back to black hair

1Even if the frequency of visits to beauty salons will decreasekeep it cleanIt’s easy to do

2by colorLess damaging to hairto be done

These are two great benefits! !

The impression you make on others depends on whether or not your hair is beautiful
This will make a big difference!

Even if you wear the same clothes and the same makeup, the hairstyle can be good or bad.

Hairstyles affect your impression no less than clothes and makeup! !

how to bring back black hair

1. Darken the color

For those who have decided not to lighten or paint anymorepaint blackI think you will succeed!

However, if you think you might want to paint it, don’t paint it black.very dark colorI think it’s good to have it painted!

(This is because if you dye your hair black, the color won’t fade or be dyed properly when you want to dye it!)

I did not paint black, but dark!

2. As your hair grows longer, avoid the roots and wear a darker color

I think the color will come off after a while even if it is dyed dark.

And I think I’ll go back to dye it again, but this time I want to go back to my natural black hair, so I’m ordering it dark without dyeing the roots, and the hairdresser will dye it to blend in!

Repeat this procedure for some time to increase natural hair.

3. Extend your hair and cut off the colored part to return to natural black hair

When I have a certain amount of black hair, I steadily grow it out, trim the ends of the hair that has grown out, and do my best to keep it completely natural.

How to deal with the fact that when returning to black hair, only the tips of the hair are lightened at home

I dyed my hair dark for over a year and by the time I was about halfway done with my natural hair, the ends of my dyed hair had faded and lightened.

When I go to the beauty salon
I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to build up the amount of natural hair because the dye would be applied in a wide range to blend in with the natural hair.

But I am really worried that my hair is gray and dry….

To my friends my hair is long and I think it’s a naughty hairstyle….

I wonder if I only go to the beauty salon for the ends of my hair…

And there were various things to worry about,
I was wondering if there was a way to dye just the ends of my hair myself, and I found it through trial and error! !

Devil’s trickIt’s a color treatment!

I think I’ve seen it in drugstores.

using this

hair that is light only at the ends

A hairstyle that has lost its color at the tips of the hair can be done at home and by yourself.

black hair

Until now, I could paint it beautifully! !

By the way, about 2 weeks have passed since the second color photo.

There are places where the ends of the hair are a little lighter, but I was able to keep the color dark!

It’s a color that makes my hair look shinier and I was amazed that my fingers felt smoother even after I dyed them!

For now, I will use this trick of the devil to keep my black hair without damaging it!

The thing is, if you dye only the ends of your hair dark!

Block off only the areas you want to paint

Due to the UV damage and dryness on the outside, my skin became extra bright while the inside remained dark.

For this reason, I only want to color the outer ends of my hair! !

I tied and gathered the parts that weren’t going to be dyed so I could only dye the ends of my hair on the outside!

Reliably applied coloring

Once the blocking is complete, open the bag and remove the color treatment.

Then paint over the areas you want to darken.

Once you’ve applied it evenly, rub it in with your finger to smooth out any unevenness so that the color is firmly applied to each hair!

I only needed the outer ends of my hair, so one package was enough!
If you have long hair and want to cover all the ends of your hair, you better prepare 2 bags!

wrap in plastic wrap when leaving

By covering the painted area with plastic wrap, the color will not dry and will be permanently painted!

leave a little longer

The directions for use say it will color in about 5 minutes after application!

But I wanted to get a lot of color, so I decided to leave it on for another 10 minutes or so!

I think it depends on the condition of your hair.
The Devil’s Trick itself is basically a product that allows you to enjoy the color for a short period of about a week, so you have to think that the color lasts a long time!

If you leave it for a long time, it will last a little longer.

At the end

Since it is cost-effective at around ¥300 per bag,
Also recommended for those who have little money and time!

The road to black hair is long, but I think it will get you closer to shiny and beautiful hair, so give it a try if you want!

I would appreciate it if you could take a look at it. . .

Thanks for reading to the end!

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