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♡A woman who looks good just by wearing them♡ The charm of CHANEL perfume and how to use leftover perfume♡

A must-have item for grown-up girls who feel magical just by wiping it ♡

♡ Perfume ♡

“I can smell nice all day long”

Doesn’t that make you feel like you’ve stepped up a notch?

yes, actually me

“perfume freak”

Photo – the space of my perfume collection,
Knowing that I like perfume, I got it as a gift.
The collection gradually increased ♡

Of course I use it a little bit depending on the scene and mood!

Among them, I will teach you my favorite CHANEL perfumes and how to apply them effectively♡!

Enjoy the world of perfume♡

CHANEL is famous for its “No.

However, the composition is not only No. 5♡!

What two perfumes have I been on repeat for the past few years? ?

♡A woman who looks good just by wearing them♡ The charm of CHANEL perfume and how to use leftover perfume♡_2

First, when I put it on, my number one question is, “What perfume is this?”!!!

chance on the tundra

Type of aroma: fruity-floral
Persistence: ★★★☆☆
(Photo on the left)

the concept of spirit

“A positive woman who believes she can be happy and values ​​her chances”

This is a perfume that is said to have inherited the history of Chanel No. 5 and given it a modern twist.

People in their 20s to 30s are also targeted, just like the “MORE generation” ♡

It’s feminine and lovely, but not too sweet or heavy. It’s a really nice scent that everyone will love ♡
Regardless of gender, there’s a good chance people will say, “You smell good today!”

Next time I’ll choose one that I’m sure will deliver!

Coco Mademoiselle

Fragrance Type: Fresh Oriental
Persistence: ★★★★☆
(Photo on the right: Sorry, the content is empty after using w)

The legendary fragrance “Coco Mademoiselle”, nicknamed “Cocomado”, quickly became popular around the world when it was announced in 2001.

From the top note of the moment you apply it to the last note of the last fragrance, this product changes in interesting ways♡
From top to bottom, everything smells good, starting with “sweetness” and ending with a feeling of “sexiness” of adults.

If you know this fragrance

Can’t let go of “Kokomado” anymore! !

The bottle is cute too ♡
Perfect as an interior!

Well, just because it smells good, don’t apply too much! !
Introducing how easy it is to put on♡!

Even if it smells good, don’t wear too much! !

♡A woman who looks good just by wearing them♡ The charm of CHANEL perfume and how to use leftover perfume♡_3

I used to get too fired up on dates, too much and fail. . . Oh God. w
The smell doesn’t disappear immediately, and if it doesn’t, then it’s difficult for the whole day. . . It hurts just to remember…lol)))

First of all, let’s understand the degree of puffing so that we don’t fail!

I think there are a lot of people who like the smell of shampoo, but I think they are attracted to a smell that makes their hair sway with a “soft” smell that makes them feel like they can’t figure it out.

Together with spirits!

Perfume is not a star!
So 1 push at most! !
The perfume smells stronger than I thought.
Smells good enough with a small amount.
Especially in the rainy season, the fragrance lasts for a long time, so even half a push is enough!

And the keyword for the recommended way to wear it

“3 Heads”

neck, wrist, ankle

The ankle is especially recommended.
It smells every time you move, and even if you put too much on, it still takes a while before the scent starts to wane on your ankles, so it’s a safe place for first-time wearers.

When I style my hair, I also style it at the ends of my hair.

I’m not sure I can use one bottle at the end. . .
Those who are like that can rest easy!

Let’s use it effectively and enjoy the fragrance ♡♡♡

If you’re having trouble disposing of leftover perfume or perfume you no longer use, try using it in a different way!

This is my case!

♡ Wet the cotton and put it in the shoe box ♡

♡ Dilute with water to use as a room fragrance ♡

♡ Put the test paper you bought at the department store in your purse to get a nice scent ♡

What did you think?

Let’s make effective use of leftover perfume and become an “improved girl”♡! !

How about a magical “spirit” that can make you a good woman as a bonus this year? ?

Everyone, please try to find your favorite scent ♡

✳︎ Urine ✳︎

♡ A woman who looks good just by wearing them ♡ The charm of CHANEL perfume and how to use leftover perfume ♡_4

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