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♡[Дэбют 13 ліпеня]Louboutin Lip Manicure Loved by Women, Gorgeous Bottles Too Fashionable ♡ More Happy ◡ ̈ Nozomi ♡

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7/13 Blush was born from “Christian Louboutin”, which all women admire♪

Christian Louboutin Beauteline’s new “Loubilaque” lip manicure that delivers intense color

“Can’t believe Louboutin sold cosmetics!”

I don’t think there are many such people.

So today I did some research on the new Louboutin blushes and cosmetics♪

♡[7/13 дэбют]

Christian Louboutin cosmetics will arrive in Japan this summer


Christian Louboutin’s Beauteline has finally landed in Japan for the first time.

The long-awaited first store in Japan opened on June 8th, 2016 (Wednesday) at the Hankyu Umeda flagship store in Osaka and on June 15th (Wednesday) at Matsuya Ginza, Tokyo! ! ! ! !

Products include nail color, lip color, lip carabiner, etc.

♡[Дэбют 7/13]

There are 30 nail color options (¥6,900 each), from Louboutin red to nude beige for adults.

There is also a set of topcoat and basecoat. On the other hand, the lip color has three types of textures: “Silky Satin”, “Velvet Matte” and “Sheer Voile” and has a wide color range of 38 colors (¥12,500 each).

Fashionable and chic store

♡[Дэбют 13 ліпеня]

♡[Дэбют 7/13]
♡[дэбют 7/13]

♡[Дэбют 7/13]
♡[Дэбют 13 ліпеня]

♡[дэбют 7/13]
♡[7/13 дэбют]
♡[дэбют 7/13]

The interior design is based on white, so it feels girly.

The original “Musharabi pattern” pattern, which is a mesh pattern of Louboutin’s classic “red sole”, blends magnificently and stylishly with the walls and mirrors.


Inspired by Christian Louboutin’s passion for nail polish
New product “Rubilak” created as a “lip manicure”.
Paint your lips with a glossy, rich color like patent leather.

♡[7/13 дэбют]

Fascinated by the mirror-like luster of traditional Chinese and Japanese lacquerware, Christian Louboutin designed iconic shoes and bags in beautiful glossy patent leather. A lip color inspired by his passion for ‘lacquer’. It is easy to use and gives your lips a voluminous, deep and radiant shine. Creates a glossy finish with rich color. Attractive and decorative packaging design.

<Вусны/4,7 мл/усяго 8 колераў>

12,744 yen (tax included)

Rouge Louboutin 001L
Bangari 100l
Bikini 120L
Colibretta 230L
Casanova 402L
Altressa 502L
Altalev 702L
Akenana 712L

♡[дэбют 7/13]
♡[7/13 дэбют]
♡[Дэбют 13 ліпеня]
♡[7/13 дэбют]
♡[дэбют 7/13]


For designer and creator Christian, lipstick is a magic wand for women.
Christian Louboutin Lip Color

To help women express themselves, we have prepared three types of textures: silky satin, velvet matte and transparent veil.

♡[дэбют 7/13]

Christian Louboutin

Lip Color Rouge Louboutin 001 (Silky Satin)

13,500 yen (tax included)

Deep, rich color with a smooth texture, rich in ultra-fine pigments.

· Medium to full coverage
· Bleeding is difficult
・Moisturizes lips
· Refined aroma

<Вусны / 1 колер>

♡[7/13 дэбют]

Christian Louboutin

Lip color (velvet matte)

13,500 yen (tax included)

It develops color well and provides a suede look and moist lips.

· Full coverage
· Bleeding is difficult
– Moisturizes lips and prevents dryness
· Refined aroma

<Вусны / Усяго 8 колераў>

♡[дэбют 7/13]
♡[7/13 дэбют]

Christian Louboutin

Lip Color Rouge Louboutin 001S (transparent veil)

13,500 yen (tax included)

Glossy finish with shine.

・Beautiful color with a light feel
· Smooth creamy texture
· Refined aroma

<Вусны / 1 колер>

[Падрабязнасці тавару]

Christian Louboutin Beauteline
Release date: Wednesday, June 1, 2016
・Nail Color Rouge Louboutin 13ml All 30 colors ¥6,900 each + tax
· Ruby Under Red 6ml ¥6,200 + tax
・Nail care set 6ml ¥7,400 + tax
・38 lip colors for ¥12,500 each + tax
・Lip liner All 5 colors ¥5,500 each + tax
Available stores: Hankyu Umeda Main Store, Matsuya Ginza, Christian Louboutin Aoyama, Christian Louboutin Ginza
*Christian Louboutin Aoyama/Ginza offers nail color only.


■ Hankyu Umeda Main Store
8-7 Kakuta-cho, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka 2nd floor cosmetics floor
Opening hours|Sunday-Thursday 10:00-20:00
Friday and Saturday 10:00-21:00
Inquiries|06-6361-1381 (main representative)

■ Matsuya Ginza
3-6-1 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 1st floor cosmetic floor
Working time|10:00〜20:00|
Inquiries|03‐3567‐1211 (main representative)

■ Christian Louboutin Aoyama / Christian Louboutin Ginza
*Nail color only

♡[7/13 дэбют]

Let’s strive for fashionable seniors with Louboutin cosmetics ♪

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