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I made a wallet using the Syrian Tartan check (*’∇`*)

Good morning ♬
Around fall of last year, I found a beautiful piece of tartan check fabric (35cm x 30cm) in Syria! They are all 100 yen ♬ I accidentally bought 4 colors~( ̄ー ̄)←“I will never buy cloth again!” The vow was soon broken…

So let’s leave this fabric for a few months
Recently, I haven’t had a sewing machine for a long time and wanted to make something, so I looked for a craft box.
I got the pen holder (laughs) that I bought last summer.
↓ It’s been untouched for half a year…(‘・ω・`)
↓This is a device.

I bought this to increase production (・∀・)

The reason I didn’t make it was because I didn’t really like the floral fabric in the kit~ (← why did you buy it?)
So instead of the floral pattern ♬, I made a pencil case with a seria tartan check
I also made a bulk tartan check pen holder using the same pattern.
Momentum is important for this.
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Cut the fabric according to the pattern. Attach the glue core to the back.
Sew on the lace
Connect the tartan check.
Stick the quilt cotton on the back with glue stick.
May this soften you.
After temporarily fixing the tag with glue stick…
I sewed it with a sewing machine.
(Includes a handle in the kit, but I never used it, so I sewed it with a sewing machine.)
After pasting the outside and the sides of the fabric
When the front sides are facing each other, overlap and sew. (Just don’t sew the zipper opening)
Then turn it over and glue the edges.
Make a thread at the end of the body.
Place the gum in the mouthpiece and spread it with a toothpickDSC_0165
Insert the main body and stop with clothes pins. Press both sides a little with pins and you’re done.
Let’s make other patterns. If you don’t change the pattern, you can keep it simple.
I also used a skin tag that I bought together.
The Tartan check pen holder is complete. I was able to do it without even using half of the fabric.
It’s a small pen holder with a round shape, but it has a gusset, so it looks like it can hold 4 to 5 pens.
Gamaguchi is easy to open and close, right?
I think I will use it to store pens and stamps that I take with me when I go to school volunteering.
↓School volunteers continue (・∀・)

Tartan check is beautiful, isn’t it?
I bought a “gold” colored tip.
I thought the “antique gold” in the kit was better. ♬ Reference for those who buy
Handmade Studio My Mom ↓ Kits I’ve bought so far

Here is the history of making a stamp case. Here’s the story of me making a craft party.
Here is the story of making a makeup bag.
Here is the history of making a clap bag.
Here is the story of making a double zipper bag.

Crafts are very fun ♬
If you buy a kit you will have all the ingredients and instructions on how to make it, so I don’t think it would be too hard~

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The roses I bought in a shopping marathon arrived promptly in a bowl.
Delval Praline Rouge.
I got a bonus too 💛I’m going to plant them today (*’∇`*)
↓ I bought it at a store here, but it was a seedling with a lot of soil and good branches ♬
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