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Box tissue “Irma” made of woven fabric is very good✨

Good morning♪

I bought a great Liberty fabric during the Rakuten Super Sale!
It’s expensive, so I only have 30 cm of different colors…(‹‹‹)
I bought it at Liberty Print Shop Mercy.
If you find it and see it right, it’s great 💛 A plant sketch like a watercolor painting.
Glad I bought it on Twitter~ ♪The work of megosuriI learned a lot by watching
Thanks megosuri!
I was going to make a bag, but the zipper hasn’t arrived yet, so I can’t wait…
I decided to make a “box tissue holder” (・∀・).

I thought the laminate was thinner than I expected…the tissue box is slightly transparent.
It’s matte, so it looks easy to sew with a sewing machine, but I thought it would be better to put some kind of fusilli on the back (so it’s not visible).

I wondered if it would be possible to stain a quilted fabric with iron, so I applied it at a slightly lower temperature.

And here’s what I made! It’s a tissue holder (*’∇`*)
The fabric is nice, so it’s pretty~(* ̄∇ ̄*)
Red flowers are visible from this side.
Yellow on the other side. The perception is different depending on how you look at it!
↓I made it with this fabric~♪

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Here’s how to do it as I wrote before.

This time I did something a little bad (;’Д`) 💦

First of all, the Irma fabric has a top and a bottom, so cut the fabric like this.
(I bought 30cm but they cut it to 35cm and I got it like this)
Then the lower part of the design of the two main fabrics is glued together, and fusil interlincin is applied at a low temperature.
(↓The end of the fissile joint is peeling off, probably due to low temperature💦)
I sewed the side fabrics in two folds because they don’t need to be folded in three (because they are covered fabrics so they don’t fall apart).
Then sew to the body.
Hand sewing on the sides.
And I didn’t have enough cotton tape at home for the piping on the edges
It would have been easier to make it with a 2 cm wide cotton tape, but I only had one 1 cm wide, so I had to use it.
But if I accidentally sew it with a sewing machine, it might fall off, so I fixed it temporarily with gluv( ̄∇ ̄)v.
I think handmade artists never do it, but that’s okay, I’m going to use it myself at home.
After adjusting it a bit with the bond, I sewed it on with a sewing machine.
It is attached to the bond, so it is easy to sew.
Finally, use the pliers to attach the American hook.

It’s a quick button. It’s so easy because you can just pinch it with a pin!
Also, because the tags are problematic~( ゚∀゚) Ahaha
↓This is the account I bought at this store.

It’s okay (I write every now and then), but it’s not for sale, so feel free to do it.
It should be fun to do ♪
This is what it looks like when we look at the back part. If the pattern doesn’t have a top and bottom, you can do it with one piece of fabric.
It looks like this from above.
So, I made it randomly, but the fabric was good, so I was able to make a really nice box tissue holder ✨ I’m very satisfied.。゚+.
By the way, Liberty is a very high quality fabric
This quilted fabric is 429 yen per 10cm! Just bought 30cm 1,287 yen.
I used less than half to make this tissue holder, so the material cost is about 600 yen (;’Д`).

It’s cheaper if you buy Tana lawn fabric (341 yen per 10cm) instead of laminated fabric and use glue on the back, so I think it’s good.

Oh, the finished product is sold out♪♪

Anyway, the fabric “Irma” is so beautiful✨ I want other colors too~
I would like to buy a Tana loan at this time (*’∇`*)
(Don’t be lazy, let’s buy some (laughter))

Handmade is fun.゚+.(・∀・)゚+.
I think the zipper will arrive today and let’s make a bag next 💛

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