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…आ Bring freshness to your life with the help of Ayurveda and Ho Onoponopono‧⁺✧︎* आ¨

I get angry for no reason…
I am not good at my job….
My friends envy me…
Dissatisfied with partner.

Is there such a thing? σ^_^;

in times like these
Here’s a book I borrowed from a friend and said, “I recommend!”

“THE BOOK OF SELF-CLEANING A book to become a new you”

He is fresh, kind and full of love!!✎︎___˖☽︎*◌︎⑅︎‧✩͓̊︎

Based on recently popular[Аюрведа]and[Хо Онопонопоно]written guidelines on how to easily incorporate them into your life and lead a wonderful life.

This time I will share how I have changed by putting into practice the wisdom taught in this book♡︎ʾʾ

In any case, why don’t you all start with simple things that you think can be good and live a fresh, stress-free life surrounded by gentle energy?

Well, let me introduce you right away ♡︎ʾʾ

Relationships, food preferences, clothes, housing, facial expressions have changed! (Actually, my job will change.)

What should I say?

I lived a very simple life
On the contrary, it changed to “I don’t need more extra things!”
From there, the situation changed completely.

When you surround yourself with good energy,
Ironically, things are moving in the right direction.

Here’s what I tried[папрактыкаваць]✌︎

drink hot water

…आ Bring freshness to your life with Ayurveda and Ho Onoponopon‧⁺✧︎* आ¨_2

I drink hot water every morning as part of a cold.

As for how to prepare hot water to incorporate its Ayurvedic properties[Вата, Піта, Капха (вецер, агонь, вада)],

⑴ Water (drip) for about 15 minutes
⑵ Burning on strong fire (pitta)
(3) The fan is strong and blowing wind (wool)

This Ayurvedic based white water is complete ♡︎ʾʾ

Make some noise by sipping this and drinking it. If you drink this white water with the image of washing away the dirt attached to the pipes of your body, it will be very effective!

It’s been 3 months since I started taking the hot water and very strong[менструальныя болі]completely quieted down. Surprise! ! ! I used to carry pain meds with me all the time, but they’re already in the cupboard! ! ! Although the amount does not change much…! Really convenient

room cleaning

…आ Bring freshness to your life with Ayurveda and Ho Onoponopono‧⁺✧︎* आ¨_3

(Photographer: Kana, so don’t worry)

A dirty room is a dirty mind!
The book says, “Even if a good thing comes to you, if your hands are busy, you can’t grab it, right? The room is the same, it’s hard to find good things in another room or table. You have to create a space where you you can always take them!”

Hmmm. the agreement.

I don’t like to have too many things, so I always know how to keep everything in order. !

Two boxes of junk…! !
All this was discovered at a flea market and is cheap.

I went off the rails, but I profited from this great deal, about the same as a one-day ticket to Disneyland, and went to Disneyland the following week. Lucky!

If you clean your room, you will love it. It’s a more comfortable space than before, and if you’re away for a long time, you’ll miss it, saying “I want to go back to my room soon (;∀;)!”

My heart has changed♡︎ʾʾ

Besides, not much at all
☆ half bath
☆Nap made of fabric
☆ Multi-layer socks

I do ♡︎ʾʾ

Did Ho Onoponopono erase all your memories? !

…आ Bring freshness to your life with Ayurveda and Ho Onoponopono‧⁺✧︎* आ¨_4

What is Ho Onoponopono
It’s soooo hard!

What is happening now is
All this seems to be a projection of past memories.

So by erasing that memory, it seems that what happened to you and what happened to the other person will disappear!

In fact with this method[Калі я пайшоў на сустрэчу пасля таго, як рабіў Ho Onoponopono над новым праектам, пра які я думаў, усе прыдумалі праект, пра які я думаў, і плаўна прынялі яго, і гэта меў вялікі поспех][Невылечна хворы на рак не хацеў вылечвацца заходняй медыцынай, таму ён прыняў Ho Onoponopono і стаў зусім лепш]. Very strange, isn’t it?

It made me think that I should study more. If there are changes in my life after taking Ho Onoponopono, I will talk about it again on my blog ♡︎ʾʾ

“Ah, how wonderful~♡”
There is a book that warmed my heart.

Today’s berry is good A small seed that brings happiness

…आ Bring freshness to your life with Ayurveda and Ho Onoponopono‧⁺✧︎* आ¨_5

this book
It is like a seed that will make a unique flower of happiness bloom for you.

When you grow up, you may see a lot of things you don’t like…
At that time I was shocked to read this book *¨*•.¸¸♬︎

Words of wisdom to untie yourself

…आ Bring freshness to your life with Ayurveda and Ho Onoponopon‧⁺✧︎* आ¨_6

Somehow every day is foggy and dull…
I am facing a real problem….
I have a problem…

If you want to get out of your current situation, but don’t know what to do, can’t make important decisions, or want to become stronger, this is the book for you. ︎

I’m sure you’ll all be enveloped in kindness with these books♪ Why don’t you incorporate them into your life and spend your days filled with love♡︎(°´ ˘ `°)/

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