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After tidying up, I found my old passport and my parents diary ~ nostalgia!

Good morning♪
The other day, when my daughter was watching a quiz show on TV,Do you need a passport for a 0-year-old child?There seems to have been a problem, so my daughter asked me, “How are you?”
“You need her, even if you are 0 years old. I made a passport for my son when he went to America when he was 0 years old. I needed a visa, so it was a hassle~ (←I got a visa because I was assigned to a new position.) ‘ and replied.

by the waysleep on a futonI remembered how hard it was to take photos of my son for his passport and visa (lol). I had to get his passport done when he was about 3 months old, so I couldn’t even sit down.

At that time (23 years ago) film photography was still mainstream, so I would take photos of different sizes from the futon, send them to the proof and choose the size that matched my passport. So I closed my eyes and turned to the side and was full of mistakes (laughs )
Well, ok, that was the photo that gave me the OK~
▼ Oh, that’s it (laughs)

It’s silly, but a 0-year-old can’t commit a crime, so I guess he gave me permission (laughs).
By the way, I don’t have any leftovers of this photo right now~ (laughs)

I don’t throw away my children’s old passports and leave them all.
The photos and the plane you boarded will be a souvenir ♪
I keep my son’s and daughter’s old passports in this clear case.
Kindergarten notebooks, elementary art drawings, essays, elementary, middle, and high school reports, etc., etc., are put into a clear case with the children’s memorabilia and stored in the attic.
It was full, so I took it out of the attic for the first time in a long time and tidied it up with my daughter.
Memo for the son and daughter in this caseinsert itI keep it.
Of the certificates I received for calligraphy, I decided to keep only the best and throw them away.
I checked the contents with my daughter and carefully selected the good works such as paintings, calligraphy and compositions and decided to get rid of some things I didn’t need. It has decreased a lot.
I wonder if I can afford it again.
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A notebook was found in the case.
Flip through it – nostalgia!
This was a babysitting diary I wrote when my daughter was a baby.
This is a diary I wrote when I was on parental leave about a year and a half after my daughter was born.
(From the age of one and a half, I left him in kindergarten and returned to work.)

When I started Kindergarten, I kept a journal of my interactions with the teacher to use as a diary.

As I was reading this, I found myself going back and forth with my friends at the office, trying to save money (laughs) and admiring what my kids were doing, how cute and sweet (laughs).
At the time, I thought I had a busy life every day, but I remembered that my friends were really close (in the same apartment) and it was fun.

Back then there were no blogs (?), so I wrote in a notebook.

I read this notebook with my children and laughed out loud at various episodes.

At that time, children were told

“These days it’s electronic data, but if you leave it on paper like this, you’ll read it.”

That’s right, whether it’s a picture or a sentence, even if you save it on a CD and see it anytime as electronic data, it’s hard to find and you can’t see it.
If it was electronic data, I wouldn’t start reading the old diary from the beginning.
You only need to flip through the notebook, and in the corner there is even a doodle with the image of your daughter (laughs).
(He wrote notes while holding it on his lap ^^)

The handwriting has good handwritingI thought (・∀・)

Oh yeah, I came up with something similar too.
Before she gave birth to her son, she went to “maternity swimming”.
I wonder if the current pregnant woman is going too? ?
At the time, “maternity swimming” was popular, and it was fun to swim with pregnant women.
I think I swam as much as I walked back and forth in a 25m pool.
I think I walked around in a swimsuit because of my big belly (laughs).
There was a midwife, and I was relieved to check my physical condition every time 💛

This is a babysitting journal I kept with friends at the time. We got along well because we gave birth at the same time~
Two books, The Birth Experience and The Child Care Journal and Stress Relief Method.
It’s embarrassing to re-read this now that I’m (?) in labor💦
There was someone who took the lead in putting things together, so it’s a good memory.
After that, my house moved, so I naturally lost touch with him.
After reading it for the first time in a while, I wondered how everyone was doing.

I miss it. More than 20 years have passed.

It may be 10 years before I read it again.

Don’t throw anything away, I thought it would be a good idea to keep some memories (although it’s important to quantify to some extent) (*´∇`*)

See you soon♪
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