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Cleaning the air conditioner before the summer! I “washed out the conditioner” ♬[PR]

Good morning♪
Last fall, I forced Kouji Center Co., Ltd. (Cripika, an air conditioner cleaning company) to clean the air conditioner in my daughter’s room.
It is very clean and looks like new and my daughter is happy that “the air is different ✨” (・∀・)

And this time I got the monitor’s voice again.
This time I asked to clean the air conditioner in my husband’s room

In the past, I have had my air conditioner professionally cleaned at home several times with a pressure washer.
However, if you clean with the A/C on, it seems like you can’t fully wash the back of the A/C, the sirocco fan, the drain pan, etc.

Mr. Klipika, who cleans the air conditioner,Remove the air conditioner and return it to the factoryWash thoroughly.
Air conditioner at a specialized factoryDisassemblyThen not only the filter, but also the small parts inside the air conditioner are used special detergents to thoroughly wash off the mold and household dust.

This time I askedAir conditioner in husband’s roomthere is


I looked and found itpurchased in 2013It was an air conditioner (RAS-221EP (manufactured by Toshiba)).
suddenly eight years oldalso used! This is what air conditioners are like.
But I never asked a professional to clean it ~💦
I only cleaned the front, easily removable filter.

It’s my husband’s room so I haven’t used it much so far so it hasn’t been a priority (hey) but since last year my husband has been working from home due to corona and I’ve been using the AC all day in the summer and the heater in the winter. , I thought it was going to be pretty dirty this year, so I asked for it✨

And this time we agreed on the schedule by e-mail and asked them to visit us.
First collect the refrigerant in an outdoor unit outside the home.
(This air conditioner has hidden ductwork.)
remove the air conditioner…
Er… dust is flying 💦
You can’t remove the dust that gets into those crevices, right?
We carefully packed the removed air conditioner and returned it to the specialized factory. (* Shelf life: 7 days~)
The cords were also neatly terminated after removing the air conditioner.
It will be like this for a week. Do not use the air conditioner during this time.

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Then disassemble and wash in a specialized factory!
This time, Mr. Klipika specially provided a lot of photos, so I will share them~
I’ll break it down first.
Dust from inside~
If you use it for 8 years, there will be dust here and there…💦
Ah~ I thought it was relatively clean, but there was so much dust~! !
More and more decomposed…
So they scattered. I took it apart piece by piece.
It’s a heart, so it can’t be washed.
All washable parts are impregnated with a special cleaning solution to eliminate odor sources such as mold and small dirt.
Use a pressure washer to blow away any remaining dirt.
Clean every part with a pressure washer! You can take it!
Immerse it in the cleaning solution.
Pressure washer again! Cleanly blows away dust that got into small parts and clogged heat exchangers.
You bravely wash Jabba Jabba~💛Good to see~
Use the brush to remove all the mold, dust and small dirt deep inside the conditioner (*´∇`*)

After washing thoroughly, dry in the drying room until completely dry.
Antibacterial spray and dry well ✨
completely dry. This work will take about a week.
Assemble and assemble again.
Also wax finish.
And the air conditioner that has become beautiful as new ♪♪ Thank you! !
After 1 week, I came to install the air conditioner, which turned out to be beautiful.
Please take care every time.
He took out the air conditioner and showed me the inside of the air conditioner which had been cleaned.
attach it again…
Adjust the side of the outdoor unit. After cleaning the inside of the pipeline with the help of a vacuum pump, the refrigerant flows.DSC_8872
And check the operation of the air conditioner.
Pour water from a plastic bottle and make sure the drain drains well.
I was surprised because I flushed about 500 ml, but it seems like that much water comes out.
Go outside again to make sure the drain is flowing properly, check the cooling operation and the job is done.

And finally, although it’s not part of the regular air conditioner cleaning, they put “Air conditioner mold clean” on the air intake to prevent mold with biopower.
It is a cleaning agent that suppresses mold and odors.
at this timeIt looks like those who read this blog and apply will receive this “conditioner shape cleaning” as a gift (limited to the first 30 people).
If you want to receive a special gift, please write “I read the blog” when applying~(^-^)

I immediately turned on the air conditioner and smelled the air, but it was really clean air.
My husband is pleased that the musty smell is gone and the air is different. Refreshing ~✨
So, it looks like you can comfortably work from home this summer.
(Maybe at least I’ll be working from home this summer…)
Clean air is very valuable these days.
I think it’s important to clean your air conditioner regularly to live a healthy and comfortable life.
Especially for those who are allergic to mold and house dust, as well as families with small children, we recommend washing the air conditioner completely!
You can’t use air conditioning for about a week, so be sure to ask for it before it gets really hot!

The price will be as follows.
After all, it takes more time and time compared to regular air conditioner cleaning, so it is expensive, but if you look at the photo of the process above, you can understand this price.
I think it’s great that you did it so perfectly!

Clip Mark

If you are worried about dirt on the air conditioner, ask about it (*´∇`*)

■ Official Twitter:https://twitter.com/cleanpika
■ Official Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sds_Kodi center

See you soon♪
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Here is an article while I was cleaning the air conditioner in my daughter’s room.

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