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Recommended foundation @ glossy skin

4 Recommended Foundations for Summer Glowing Skin

This time, my love for foundation doesn’t stop
I wholeheartedly recommend it
4 summer essentials for glowing skin
I would like to introduce you!

Wearing a mask this year will give you a foundation
Attachment options may be limited
Please contact him if you want ♩

Since it’s summer, it’s good for glowing skin, coverage,
Hard to destroy, beautiful finish
I looked!

Every point is a foundation
I tried to contain it, so if you like it, please watch it till the end ♡

If there is a basis that interests you
Even if you take it and read it
I think it’s good☺︎


[Мінеральная вадкая аснова MiMC]

[Фондаманія хоча пагаварыць!  ]Recommended foundation @ glossy skin _2

SPF22 PA++ 13g with tax ¥7,150
[Калі вы хочаце даглядаць за скурай, гэта ўсё! ]

Glossy skin ★★★★★
Cover Power ★★☆☆☆
Roll ★★★★☆
Finish ★★★★☆

I was never able to remove it when I focused on glowing skin
this foundation.

Anyway, it’s glossy.lotion based
The foundation seems to be laid
It will make your skin supple.
After a while, the glitter becomes more beautiful than when you apply it.
If you have normal to oily skin, you may need a powder.

I thought the coverage was bad because it was thin.
Reliably covers pores and fine spots.
The way it fell apart wasn’t bad either.

Skin-friendly cosmetics that can be removed with soap.
I’m happy with my skin even when I wear it, but the finish is so pretty!
Recommended for those who do not want to burden their skin as much as possible!

[ЛАУРА МЕРСЬЕ падушка падушкі]

[Фондаманія хоча пагаварыць!  ]Recommended foundation @ glossy skin _3

6,380 yen with tax SPF50 PA+++ 15g
[Для тых, хто хоча натуральны бляск, гэта ўсё! ]

Glossy skin ★★★★☆
Cover Power ★★★★★
Roll ★★★★☆

Finish ★★★★★

I only hear good things on review sites…
As a result of using this thinking,
This is now my favorite cushion.
What I really mean is in terms of coverage
“The spots and redness disappeared in an instant, but what is that feeling of bare skin?!”
there is (smile)

The coverage itself is high, but the foundation is peculiar
I draw! I’m doing it! I don’t feel it.

Hitting the entire surface once will create a natural shine,
If you reapply it to the part you care about, it will cover it
Adapts to bare skin.
I am happy because I can become “a person with original beautiful skin” (laughs)

The attached sponge is also unique and easy to use,
Please take a look ♡

[Вадкая аснова LAURA MERCIER]

[Фондаманія хоча пагаварыць!  ]Recommended foundation @ glossy skin _4

30ml with tax ¥6,600
[Калі вы хочаце разгладзіць скуру, гэта ўсё! ]

Glossy skin ★★★☆☆
Cover Power ★★★★☆

Collapse ★★☆☆☆
Finish ★★★★☆

Liquid foundation from Laura Mercier.
It’s not as glossy
The finish was somewhere between natural gloss and semi-matte.

Although I couldn’t prevent the mask from falling because it was liquid,
Countermeasures are effective with a base or powder
The power of liquid foundation!

Like a pillow
Although it has good coverage, it leaves the skin feeling bare.
becoming a thing
Especially this liquid type had the feeling of bare skin!
Instead of a cover to hide[адрэгулюйце няроўнасці скуры]
[Схаваць толькі чырвань і згладзіць астатняе]
If it is an adjustable foundation like
to think!

[Вадкая аснова SHISEIDO]

[Фондаманія хоча пагаварыць!  ]Recommended foundation @ glossy skin _5

SPF35 PA++++ 30ml with tax ¥6,600
[Для тых, хто шануе лёгкасць і ўстойлівасць да разбурэння, гэта ўсё! ]

Glossy skin ★★★☆☆
Cover Power ★★★★★
Collapse ★★★★★
Finish ★★★★☆

On to my liquid foundation so far
It’s also a great guilt-busting dish. .

Sticky! Coloring! !such as
High coverage foundation (too high?)
In the evening, my skin feels unbearable and tired.
I was in the middle of the day but…

This foundation is very easy to wear!

The point is to wear it in sync with bare skin.
It feels made and is resistant to sweat, sebum and facial movements.
It is very easy to wear.

In an era when foundation rubs this mask
Thank you very much!

Personally, when I put it on with puff etc.
It is glossy to the touch, but becomes semi-matte when applied with bare hands.
It’s textured!

You can change the coating and texture of the finish
It’s too good a foundation!

It’s been a while, but thanks for watching ☺︎

I use these 4 points

This is the foundation I wanted to recommend!
Were there any products you were interested in?
If you like Instagram, etc.
Let us know what you think!

A foundation that everyone recommends
I want to know more and more ♩

It’s been a long time, but those who watched until the end
Thank you!


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