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[Уборка ваннай]Professionally cleaned the bathroom!

Good morning♪

At the end of the year, when it is cold and there is a lot, you have to clean a lot.
And I think a lot of people are depressed from now on. me too ~

In particular, there is mold in the bathtub, and there are many things that need to be washed thoroughly, which is very difficult.

I managed to get experience with a bathroom cleaning monitor with a great contractor who can ask for such problems (*´∇`*)

It became brilliant ♪

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At the beginning of summer, I managed to follow the cleaning of the air conditioner (*´∇`*)
Here is the article from that time ↓

It was so dirty~(((( ;゚д゚))) I’m glad I asked! Air conditioner cleaning!

No, it was very nice to see a professional cleaning!
I was very grateful to be able to comfortably use air conditioning this summer.

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Cleaning, cleaning, cleaning

“Your Master” acted as mediator at that time.
“Anata no Meister” is a website representing professional cleaning companies.
In addition to house cleaning, we also offer a variety of cleaning services.

I saw that there is still a “bathroom cleaning” service, and I definitely want to try it at least once! I thought I was very happy to talk to you this time.

This time I’m from “Marvel Clean Service”♪
If you are interested, please register as “Anata no Meister” and search for it.


I placed an order from 9am on a certain day in September.

Spread these tools around the (narrow) toilet and get to work.

I was most impressed this timeThe inner part of the bath apronthere is

Have you ever opened an apron?
I’ve never opened it because I’m afraid of how bad it is!
Not once in the 13 years I’ve moved!

I was nervous about what was going on and when I opened the…

Our bath unitA type of bath where water does not enter the apronwas!

Well done! He’s the type who doesn’t need to clean his apron ヾ(´ω`=´ω`)ノ

However, I managed to open the bottom of the front shower cap in the photo above ↑ and there was mold inside~(((( ;゚д゚)))!!
I’ve never opened a place like this before… It’s not easy to open (;´Д`)

I’m glad you cleaned up here too♪

As a cleaning procedure,
First, after soaking the entire bathroom in the shower, I used a brush to apply the mold remover to the entire bathroom.

From the ceiling to the walls and floor!

Everything from the tub cover to the sink!

The mold remover seems powerful for business use.

Then, after washing in the shower,

This time I applied the special cleaner all over the bathroom in the same way.

Soap stains are different from mold.

Wash small items thoroughly with a sponge and rinse them in the shower.

The mirror is hand polished with this commercial detergent (non-abrasive)

Call Guina! It’s impossible for an amateur~!

The calcium-like lumps (?) in the corners cannot be processed, so they are scraped off by hand.

In the bathroom, everything was cleaned up to the door!

↓The inside of this place has become beautiful too~!

No mold around the windows.

Please wipe the ceiling.

They also removed the rough lumps (?) on the edge of the mirror, making it like new.

The bathtub cover, sink and chair were cleaned.

the floor

The part you see when you get in the bath (laughs)
At this time of year, the number of requests for bathroom cleaning increases because people showered in the summer, but when it gets colder and they start taking baths, their perspective changes and they notice mold. There is a certain thing ~!

It was a wonderful bath and I was very pleased ♪
It took more than two and a half hours for a really thorough cleaning.
I’m so happy♪
thank you very much!

“I want you to clean the air conditioner.”
“I would like to ask you to clean the fan in the kitchen.”
“I want to clean the mold in the bathtub.”

Even if you think about it, you don’t know where to ask when it comes to an emergency.
I don’t know much about the reputation of individual contractors, so I can’t ask them even if I wanted to.
Cleaning requires entering the house, so you have to be extra careful (´・ω・`)

Big companies are expensive, so I spend a lot of time worrying about them.

In this case, your master will communicate by word of mouth, and the price is clear, and you can compare from many suppliers, so you can ask with confidence.

Recently, it seems that there are many people who use it as a gift for their parents.
It’s true that cleaning can be dangerous as you get older.

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See you soon♪
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