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Honestly, I like the canister type

Good morning♪
Today I will introduce you to our vacuum cleaner after a long time (・∀・)✨

These are the 3 vacuum cleaners I use at home.

I have two Makita cordless vacuum cleaners.
Both chose the one with the most power (at the time).
I bought it… Viewing my purchase history on Rakuten (lol)
The first – in March 2011, the second – in October 2013.
And in March 2018, I bought a cyclone✨
Here’s the story of when I bought it ↓

Its place will be placed next to the dressing table in the Japanese-style room on the first floor. (This is an earlier photo.)
The second one is in the hall of the second floor. (This is also an old photo.)

Both of the Makita cordless cleaners we use at home are paper cleaners.
With the cyclone nozzle, you don’t have to change the garbage bag often, and it’s very convenient (゚∀゚)
However, if you attach the mount, the handle will be a bit higher, so I think it’s easier for me, being short, to carry without it. (The more you wear it, the more it will weigh 💦)

Makita used on the first floor
It sits next to my dressing table so I can quickly vacuum up any hair that has fallen out after brushing or blow drying!
thinkingThe battery can be easily vacuumed.
It’s also not far from the restroom (where hair falls out easily), so if you feel like it, you can take it from here and give it a quick vacuum.

The second floor uses Makita
I am glad that my children and husband clean their own rooms!
If you are worried about a little dust, you can quickly bring it and vacuum ♪

Yes Yes. One battery broke two years ago and I bought just the battery again.
The battery should be as authentic as possible.
In the past, when I bought a compatible product with a camera battery, it was broken from the start💦

They responded promptly to returns, but it was a hassle to exchange emails and go to the store to return the item.
I’d be scared if I bought something weird and caught fire… (I don’t think so)
In the end, I think the “original product” which is safe even if the battery is expensive v( ̄∇ ̄)v

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While the Makita works well if you want to vacuum your whole house on a regular basis, the canister type is the best! I think.
This is an old fashioned cheap paper bag type vacuum cleaner.
This is the most powerful
Definitely more power than the Makita! I thought, now try to lay out a guide for both, “suction power” (a value that indicates the dust collection capacity of the vacuum cleaner body).

Makita CL182FD (Cordless) ⇒ Strong: 30 W Standard: 11 W
Toshiba VC-PC7A (canister type) ⇒Powerful: 620 W Standard: 90 W

Eh, a gap of 20 times! ! (Oh, I always use a “strong” vacuum.)
I didn’t think there was that big of a difference, but the instructions say so…💦

but probablyThe canister type has extraordinary power.

And of course, the power never drops!
(The Makita vacuum does not suck well when the dust bag is full or when the battery is dead.)

I like wireless because it’s easy to use and very useful in my home. ´∇`*) No stress because it absorbs dust quickly.

I have been using this type of canister for about 7 years now and it never breaks.
At the end of the day, I think a plain old fashioned vacuum cleaner is solid and good.
I remember the price was over ¥10,000…

There are many other types of vacuum cleaners.
I admire Dyson, but I find cleaning the trash can a chore…💦
Rumba is also someone who stays at home all the time, so I think it’s annoying, irritating and frustrating 💦
(Although it would be nice if you could call me while I’m not at home.)

I use a canister type vacuum cleaner and I think I really enjoy vacuuming every morning (* ̄∇ ̄*)

And I believe that paper packaging is easy and pleasant ✨

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See you soon♪
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