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A new sanitary chest has arrived

Good morning♪

A long time ago I made a pajama holder in the toilet by combining two colored boxes.
↓This is a photo taken some time ago💦YES
Here’s the story of when I made this stash. Article from 2010💦
DIY Dressing Room Storage Part 1 Attach Legs to Color Box
DIY Bathroom Storage – Insert Drawer Part 2
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DIY Toilet Storage ・The final episode of “In the White and Clean Toilet♪”

The size of the trunk (especially depth is an issue!) is limited because it is located in a small wash and changing room that is only 1 tsubo.

White color within 80 cm wide x 100 cm high x 30 cm deepplumbing dresser

I couldn’t find it for sale (and wanted to put a scale under it) so I made it myself (・∀・)

I’ve used it very conveniently to store 4 people’s pajamas and underwear, as well as towels, after-bath meds, soap, and other small items around the tub.

But it’s still made by a hobbyist, so it’s not as beautiful as the furniture I bought (´・ω・`)

The color box looks very cheap…the drawers have started to fall apart at the edges.
The inner box is getting more and more wear and tear.

Well, I have been using this handmade storage for over 10 years and have been looking for a suitable storage furniture for a while.

So I think this area is good….

Belle Maison sanitary chest with rounded corners
(Type/Width x Depth (cm): C/80 x 29.5) Price 29,750 yen (tax included)

A white Dinos chest with beautiful rollers to the handle
Width 75 Depth 30 Height 90 cm 29,480 yen (tax included) shipping fee not included
I found a product that seems pretty good, like 💛
However, when I read the reviews, I was worried about things like “no capacity” written there (´・ω・`).
All of them will definitely have a smaller capacity than now💦

If depth isn’t an issue, reallyfitz plusI think I wanted to do that.
It might look a little cheap, but it’s made of plastic so it holds a lot.
But its depth is only 41 cm. If you step forward 10 cm more than now, it will interfere with your bathing.
Please make one with less depth… Tenma-san…
I thought about it for a while, but I thought that if I put it in this place, I won’t be able to make any more requests.
The kids most often bring a change of clothes from their room and I was wondering if the drawers would be smaller in size.
I bought this.
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thank you for always

As a result, I bought this hygiene chest.
I bought it on the Rakuten super sale in March, but it arrived on April 9th, so I waited about a month.
But it was okay because I took my time (・∀・)
I took it out of the box and asked my husband to help me install it.
The width is about 5 cm narrower than the color box so far.
And part of the pen is gray.
I think this white handle is Dinos’ “white chest with rollers, beautiful even to the handle”.
Looking at the picture… is this the same product?
The bottom is rollers and it’s a bit different than the Dinos but looks almost the same so I tried a cheaper one (laughs)
Also, the Dinos have a roller in the middle, so I wondered if it could fit scales.
But if you really want to stick with pure white, I think you should go for Dinos! !
There is space at the bottom to accommodate the scale.
The material is MDF. (Country of origin Vietnam)
The front and top panels are glossy. High gloss urethane coating with a beautiful shine and strong splash resistance.
But the sides and back are covered in print. ← It’s a little disappointing that it’s like a color box…
The second to the bottom drawer has sliding guides for smooth opening and closing.
The first stage does not have a sliding rail, but has a stopper.
Used for ointments, soaps and bath salts.
On top, I put a towel, cream, makeup remover, etc.
Large green and white towels are large face towels.

I use it instead of bath towels.
The ¥100 basket contains lotion and other items.
It’s best to apply the lotion right after you get out of the bath, so it’s best to leave it in the changing room (・∀・)♪

The deep drawer at the bottom is my daughter’s drawer (laughs).
The drawer above that is me. A size that fits the pajama and underwear set to some extent.

My husband and son are in a horizontal half-drawer above it (this is quite small 💦). I can only fit a few pairs of underwear.
I brought my pajamas from my room so I don’t mind.

In the end, the amount of memory dropped compared to before, but at that time I thought it would be good to live with less stuff (laughs)
It was nice to have a clean and beautiful chest with a mirror finish (・∀・)

See you soon♪
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Pachirepa continues ♪
⑤ Regular nut mix! After all, this shop is delicious 💛

Also, what I’m looking for right now is “glasses chain”
I’ve started wearing glasses and I’m looking for a chain for my glasses when I take them off 💛
(It’s easier to see without glasses if you look closely ^^;)
It’s stylish and would make a great Mother’s Day gift!

But after researching, I started to feel that I could make one of the unused necklaces I had at home (laughs).
Let’s go to Daiso for a while ( ̄ー ̄)

It’s fun to see what everyone is buying and what the best deals are!

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