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What I learned after cleaning the laundry tub. I don’t use the rest of the bath water anymore.

Good morning♪
Last spring I bought a new washing machine.

Here’s the story of when I bought it ↓

In an old washing machine,saving wateri thoughtresidual water in the bathwas used for washing.
I used the hose that came with the washer to pump it out of the tub.

But the tip of the hose quickly became slippery💦
I also washed the hose with cleaner, but was very skeptical of how clean the inside of the hose was.

So when I bought a new washing machine,

I threw away the attached bath soaker hose as it is new and decided not to wash it with bath water.

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as a result…

If you ask if the water bill has increased, then there is almost no change. It has certainly grown, but only slightly.
Initially, even if you say you use water for washing, it means “wash” and “first rinse”.
For the “second rinse” it is necessary to use tap water.
Also, many detergents these days say “one rinse is enough”, so in that case I only use water to wash.
The difference is about 50 liters in one wash. Not much water.

And there were great advantages.

At the end of the year, when I was cleaning out the laundry tub.
Add 4 spoons (about 500 g) of Oxyclean.

I got some clean hot water (about 40°C) and poured it in, tried to turn it by pressing the tank clean button.
Bubbles! This is because it contains bubbles and surfactants.
I turned off the switch on the way and left it for a while.
as a result…
In the past, when I used Oxyclean in the same way, black spots appeared.
I managed to get one, but it’s a lot less compared to the current one!

I left it for about 3 hours, but almost no stains, as the algae came out.

Drain and clean.
I'm beautiful (2)
So far, every time I’ve washed the laundry tub, the black spots that look like wakame algae have been full!

The reason why the dirt did not come out this time is clearBecause I stopped washing with hot water left in the bath!I thought.

I always thought it would be a waste if I didn’t use the leftover wash water.

Advantages of using residual water for washing
· Savings on water bills.
・At high temperature, the detergent dissolves well and can be washed.

However, I found that there were more downsides than downsides.

Disadvantages of using residual water for washing
・Cleaning is difficult because the washing machine hose gets dirty. (The tip gets slimy quickly. You can’t see what’s inside the hose, but it’s scary.)
・You can save on water bills, but you will have to pay for electricity.
Also, since it takes time to pump the water, it takes longer to wash.
・If you leave the hot water in the bathtub overnight, the steam will accumulate in the bathtub, and mold will easily appear in the bathtub.
I wonder if it will stay clean even if washed with water that harbors bacteria.

The last line struck me the most.
The bath water seems to get pretty dirty after one night due to bacterial growth.

Please visit this site. → Research center of hygiene and microbiology “Can you use leftover bath water?”

According to the findings of this center,The number of bacteria in bathing water increases by about 1000 times if you leave it overnight!
And of course, the more people in the house take a bath, the dirtier the water.
We are a family of four~💦

For householders who do laundry right after getting out of the bath, this would be fine, but in our house we run the washing machine the next morning, so we left the hot water on overnight.
I used pretty dirty hot water…(;´D`)💦

This time I am well aware that hot water residue in the bath can also cause stains on the washing machine.
Using bath water that contains human sebum appears to feed the mold.
This was a big reason for the dirt in the laundry tub.

I won’t be using the rest of my wash water again!


And another advantage – the water in the bath is no longer used for washing!

At night, the last person to take a bath drains the hot water from the bath and cleans it.I decided.

I thought it would be difficult to clean up late at night (my husband is the last one to take a bath!) but I figured if I unplug him when I get out of the bath, put on my pajamas and clean up, it doesn’t seem like a lot of work. My husband says that if you wash it right away, it won’t be so dirty, so it’s easy to clean.

This will reduce the humidity in the bathroom during the night,No more mold growing in the bathroom!

I’ve heard that it’s better to conserve bath water if the water is turned off due to the elements, so I conserved it whenever possible.

They decided to store water in a pantry or some other place, and from now onDo not use water for washing and wash the tub immediately after bathingI’m going to do it.。゚+.(・∀・)゚+.゚

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