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Finish cleaning the fan and stove for now!

Good morning♪
I finished cleaning the kitchen fan and stove this weekend!

… It is impossible to carry out a big cleaning at the end of the year 💦
From now on, I plan to freely do one place at a time~(;´D`)

So, I didn’t bother cleaning the blower fan as much.
I’m fine (!?) I’m done with this pickle.
↓ This is a great success! It’s a waterproof silicone rubber cover ~ I’ve used it many times, so I’ve already paid for it!
↓Free Shipping♪

This time I used sodium sesquicarbonate. It is very good for oily stains♪
It’s also cheaper than Oxyclean! They are usually sold in supermarkets (・∀・)
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Leave it to my husband to remove the fan.
Delete ​​everything that can be deleted inside…
Cover the sink with a locking lid and pour hot water at the highest possible temperature.
Then add lots of sesqui (← accordingly).
Paste this and that.
As soon as I saw this, the oil started to rise and the water turned brown.
As a result of leaving for 1 hour, it turned out like this!
How long have you not cleaned! ? It feels like 💦
But I also told my husband.
“It’s not because I missed cleaning.”
“Of course if you cook, the fan gets dirty”
“This is proof that I cooked a lot.”
That’s right. Yes Yes.

After that, if you rinse the water and rinse it lightly, it will be pretty clean✨
Don’t try to clean it too hard~
Ah~ but I want a professional cleaner to clean the fan once~(*´∇`*)
I have been using this fan for 16 years, so there are some stains that I can’t remove💦
I would appreciate it if you could take it apart and clean it up.
↓Admiration💛 If you want to get a birthday present, it would be nice to do something like this~

The oven was also clean.
I want to use the kitchen comfortably (・∀・)
if you wantLet’s clean up one place at a time~
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Cleaning, cleaning, cleaning
When you find your favorite products ♪
Tips for cleaning and tidying up

See you soon♪
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Thank you so much for everything♪♪

★ The 45cm x 240cm herringbone kitchen rug you saw above.

It is thin, so it is good that it is easy to wash.
But the anti-slip mat does not work at all on our tiles💦
It’s a stress when it shifts so I put the double sided tape I used the other day on the back to stop it.

Available in 4 colors. I chose beige.

It’s good to have a delicate atmosphere with a natural texture ♪
I thought it would be nice to have a slightly wider (60cm) type.

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