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I had a professional clean my sister’s bathroom! (There is an image to read carefully!)

Good morning♪

The series “Cleaning My Sister’s House” which was very popular for a long time (laughs)

This time I’ve never touched before“bathroom”there is

I tried not to see it until now (laughs) 💦I’m not sure I can clean it myself…💦

This time I will be able to test the bathroom cleaning monitoring,

“If that’s the case, please stay with my sister, not me!”

This time I asked “Your Master”.
Earlier I asked you to clean the air conditioner and the bathroom in my house.
“Anata no Meister” is a website representing professional cleaning companies.
In addition to house cleaning, we also offer a variety of cleaning services.

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No, it was hard (;´D`) Thanks for cleaning it up.

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thanks for always!

! ! Be careful when reading from here! !

There is a picture of mold, so if you eat or don’t like dirty pictures, stop here.


I had a reservation from 9:00am so I went to my sister’s place at 8:30am and took some pictures before cleaning up.
This is my sister’s bathroom…

You might not know it at first glance, but…! ! ! Geah! !
It’s really messy so I made the image smaller…💦

There are also black spots on the ceiling. What is it? Geah.

Every time I took a picture I screamed (TDT)

… I am very sorry that you are cleaning such a dirty place💦.

The contractor arrived a little before 9:00.
I immediately checked the bathroom and started setting up my tools.
Take out the shampoo and bathroom chairs.

In any case, this is the beginning of mold removal.
Thoroughly spray the entire mold remover💦


While photographing the works in progress, we chatted a bit.
Some families finish cleaning the bathroom in an hour and a half, and others – 3-4 hours.
I guess it depends on how dirty it is.

↓ Clean the drain inside.

“This house is a 3 hour course”I was told (laughs)
Better than a 4 hour course! ?

…There seem to be houses with even more mold, so don’t hesitate to ask a professional to do it for you!

Clean the ceiling too. He also wiped it.

Remove the soap suds.

I removed the door and cleaned it.

After cleaning the groove, put the door in place. It seems like you can’t remove it unless you unscrew it, so you can’t clean it yourself 💦

So everyone, please be safe.
Here are the AFTER images.

How beautiful! !

You cleaned it up perfectly.

My sister was also very impressed, she said, “It turned out so beautiful.”

I’m glad!

Also clean the door tracks.

Nice ceiling too. It looks like the vent in the back has never been opened💦
It seems the mold inside was weird. I also cleaned.

Also a clean bathroom.

Wow, the white pen has been restored~Σヾ( ̄0 ̄;ノ

This is amazing.。゚+.(・∀・)゚+.゚
By the way, the bathroom cleaning course this time was 13,500 yen including tax.

・Cleaning inside the apron
・Cleaning by polishing the mirror with a machine
・Cleaning small items (shampoo, bathtub, chair, etc.)

I heard there would be an extra charge for this, so I didn’t ask.
Cleaning prices and details vary by company, so be sure to check when booking.

They thoroughly cleaned the bathroom for 3 hours and the bathroom was beautiful.

Thank you for cleaning the bathroom before the rainy season.
From now on, little sister, do your best to keep it well ventilated and moldy!

Work, child care, sick care, etc… Those who are busy and can’t clean.
I think it’s a good idea to have a professional clean it once, with the intention of saving time for money.

It might be a good Mother’s Day gift to have someone clean your parent’s house♪
If I were a mother, I would be happy to receive a cleaning service as a gift ~(*´∇`*)

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