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Consider how to store fabric masks![рэчы дома]

Good morning♪
Yesterday I wrote about how to wash cloth masks, but…

Today I will write in detail about storage methods (・∀・)♪

A cloth mask that made me think I was able to wash and iron it to sanitize it.
It looks like it will get dirty if you just leave it there (´・ω・`)

So I decided to store each mask this way.

it was at homeA4 blank fileThis case is made

At first I thought of looking for a clear case in a store for 100 yen, but

I think I have to defend “stay at home”! !

This shopping is optional and not an urgent necessity.If.

So I was looking for what I had at home (。-`ω-)

Also, when disposable masks (non-woven masks) become available and can be purchased, there is a good chance that cloth masks will not be used because they are difficult to clean and manage.

I don’t want to spend money on a storage case that I don’t know how long it will be used for!

I don’t want to buy even a 100 yen storage case and throw it away as soon as I stop using it.

So I looked around to see if there was anything I didn’t use at home that I didn’t use and I found a clean file.
While my daughter was taking exams (because she was taking exams at many universities💦), I had a lot of materials, so I used transparent files to separate the documents by school. After passing the exam I threw away the papers and there were many blank files left….

Trying to use it
But I thought the A4 transparency file would be too big for the mask, so I cut it in half (to A5).
It is divided into two like this.
Wrap one side of the roll-up side with cellophane tape.

A case is then created with two closed sides, thus overlapping to make it a closed case.
Place the mask in one file and overlay it with the other.
That way, dust doesn’t get in, and it’s easy to see from the outside what the mask (pattern) is inside.
Also put your name on the land title. It’s easy to tell whose mask it is!

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I make about 3 masks per person, so I made a lot of cases.
Then I pulled out a basket I hadn’t used in a while from my attic storage and set it up, but…
If it stays like that, it will fall and it will be difficult to get it out…
So again, I wonder if there is a better way o( ̄ー ̄;)ゞ
Get a thread to tie a newspaper (laughs)
Oh, here’s the deal.

I circled the thread (laughs) and made a partition.
Completed like this~!
It’s easy to take out.
The place to put it is the entrance. I put it next to the rubbing alcohol sheet.
With this, when you go out, you don’t have to say, “I don’t have a mask, take one” (laughs)

Cloth masks require washing a lot of sheets every day, which is difficult to do if you have a large family.
I thought I could put it in a plastic bag like a ziplock, but this time I made a mask case out of a discarded clear file I had at home.
I’m glad I was able to put it to good use(*・∀-)☆

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