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Recommended foundation for summer makeup “Paul & Joe Protecting Foundation Primer”

Suddenly, do you use a makeup base?

It is troublesome to paint the whole road.
I don’t need it because the foundation covers well.

For this reason, there may be some people who say, “Actually, I don’t use it.”

Why I decided to buy a make-up base

I also have a sloppy personality and up until now I’ve been applying my makeup without a lot of foundation.
First, I didn’t use foundation, so I didn’t need it.
Just apply sunscreen and you’re good to go! It was the ultimate time-saving makeup.

(No, it’s not makeup, it’s sweat)

I’m such a person, but from this summer I decided to put on my makeup properly, and I’m buying depakosa!

My friends praised me for the right make-up

The reason I thought so was because it was a “Ginza lunch” on the day I promised to go out with friends, so I used all the swatches I got in the past and applied my makeup properly, referring to YouTube. came out

“You are more beautiful than usual!
This is the first time I see her doing makeup with Taeka-chan. smile”

Because I got a comment.

Until now, all you had to do was wear makeup,
I thought about it, but I was inspired by a friend who noticed and praised me, and I made a new decision.

Summer 2021, investing in depakosu less than 30,000 yen. A major upgrade operation is underway.

It’s a waste if you don’t know! Three effect base for makeup

What is the foundation for make-up? For those who say, I will go over the benefits that can be gained by using it.

Effect 1: Evens out skin imperfections and improves makeup application

The make-up base smooths out skin irregularities, making it easier to apply make-up, including foundation.
When applied to pre-prepared areas, good coverage is possible.

It was easy to understand when I imagined my nails,
Even when applying a manicure, it is better to prepare the unevenness of the nail in advance and apply a base coat so that it spreads beautifully.

· Bad base of the nail
・Trying to apply a lot of polish at once
・As a result of repeated repainting, it is dirty

In terms of manicure, I think there are such failures.

It’s the same with foundation, and for it to look good, it’s important to apply it thinly and evenly on the skin.

[Наймацнейшы ўльтрафіялет у гісторыі брэнда]Recommended foundation for summer makeup

Effect 2: Reduces sebum secretion and prevents make-up peeling

Especially in summer, “sebum” is the enemy of your skin.
It will inevitably become shiny over time.

When sebum and foundation mix, they oxidize and cause dull skin in the evening.

Depending on the product, there are products that specialize in absorbing sebum, so choose wisely based on your skin concerns.

▼For “pore care” this article is also recommended▼

Effect 3: Protects the skin from UV rays

By creating another film on the skin with a foundation, it is easier to protect the skin than using a single foundation.

If you apply foundation directly, it penetrates deep into the pores and may not be removed by cleansing, leading to clogged pores.
Applying a primer first makes it easier to remove makeup and reduces stress on the skin.

Also, if you choose a product with high UV protection, you can prevent damage caused by UV rays.
It is advisable to choose the one that best suits the season and your skin condition.

Recommended base for summer “Paul & Joe Protecting Foundation Primer”

This time I bought this, which also won first place in the basic category of “@cosme Best Cosmetic Award 2020”!

[Наймацнейшы ўльтрафіялет у гісторыі брэнда]Recommended foundation for summer makeup
[Пол і Джо]Primer for protective base
30ml ¥3850 (tax included)
SPF50+ PA++++

<База пад макіяж/эсэнцыя для сонцаахоўнага крэму>
*1 Titanium oxide
*2 isotridecylisononanoate
*3 Orange blossom water (moisturizing)
*4 Acetyl Hyaluronic Acid (Sodium Acetyl Hyaluronate), Hydrolyzed Hyaluronic Acid, Hyaluronic Acid (Sodium Hyaluronate) (all moisturizing)
* SPF and PA are values ​​measured when applying 2 mg per 1 cm2 according to international standards and indicate the effect of protecting the skin from ultraviolet rays.
*Prices shown are suggested retail prices.

Reference source: Paul & Joe’s official website

The strongest UV cut in the history of the brand! SPF50+ PA++++

There are 3 types of Paul & Joe foundation primers on the market, but this one has the highest UV protection and is perfect for summer.

It has SPF50+ PA++++ so you can use it as a sunscreen!

Despite the high effect of ultraviolet light, it does not look white and does not resemble a thick coating, it blends with the skin freshly and fits perfectly.

Very good growth!

Paul & Joe Makeup Base Protecting Foundation Primer

I gave one push to the back of my hand and spread it apart.

It has a very light texture that spreads easily.
Even if I apply it all over my face, I only need a small amount, so I expect it to last longer than I thought!

The moisturizing power is high, and the skin becomes shiny!

Paul & Joe Makeup Base Protecting Foundation Primer

Here’s how it looks after unfolding.
It’s hard to tell in the photo, but when you see it with the naked eye, you can really feel the sparkle!

By mixing a semi-transparent clear UV powder, it creates a transparent coating.
In addition, it contains orange blossom water, which has a great moisturizing effect and provides fresh moisture, and 3 types of hyaluronic acid, so it has high moisturizing power.

Personally, Paul & Joe’s foundations have a lot of “UV protection + glossy skin + moisturizing”, and I recommend the high-complex protection primer ◎

Use a base to keep your skin beautiful! Let’s start with the base makeup

It’s easy to neglect your makeup base, but I think whether you use a base or not has a lot to do with the finish of your makeup and how well it lasts throughout the day.

Even if you haven’t used it before, I’d love it if you used it as an opportunity to pick up a foundation!

I think the Paul & Joe Protecting Foundation I featured this time is perfect for the upcoming season if you’re worried about UV rays, so check it out in store if you’re interested!

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