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Measures to combat condensation on windows in winter. The Grand Strategy “Fix the Plastic Box” (Cost and Results)[Частка 2]

Good morning♪
I think there are many people who are bothered by condensation on the windows in winter!
Pladan can be used to prevent condensation easily and at a low cost, so I would like everyone to try it.♬
If your house is cold and frosty in winter, you can also save on heating because the insulation is high ☆

Yesterday I wrote a story about the making of a fruit window.

If you put the plantain on the window, it looks like frosted glass. But a little light gets through.

Insulation tape is pasted on the four corners, thanks to which the air between the window and the room is completely blocked.

The effect of sticking this plantain…
Before I put on the raincoat, when I woke up in the morning it was cold and there was dew on the windows every day.
However, after applying the plastic cardboard, even if I touch it in the morning,No condensation…!DSC_6731
The part near the window frame seems a little cold, but there was no condensation anywhere on the face!
Only this is completely different~!
But isn’t there condensation between the window and the plastic board? I doubted that…
One day I decided to open.
Tip, peel off the electrical tape … (husband)
When I opened the fruit…
There was no condensation on the windows either! !
There were no drops of water on the glass at all.。゚+.(・∀・)゚+.゚
Good for you~! Considering the dew condensation I’ve had so far, it’s amazing ✨ The effect is amazing ✨
in additionThe cold outside the window is different!
The windows in my house are double-glazed, which are well insulated, but even so, the windows were always cool, but when I put this plastic sheet on, it seems that the cold around the windows disappeared.
I’m the one who sleeps on the futon by the window, so that makes me happy! ( ← very sensitive to cold)

Re-apply the tape… (You can re-apply the tape you removed.)
2 windows of a Japanese-style room on the 2nd floor were freed from condensation
By the way, the handle of the window on the east side sticks out a bit, so I cut a hole in the plastic cardboard and taped it.
If the key pops up, you can do it like this ♬
No more condensation in the 2nd floor toilet window! wonderful ~

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Now calculate the cost here.

I bought my house from a home center (Viva Home) but I think the price is about the same at any home center (*´∇`*)

The cost of the material
・Plant (natural color) 4 x 910 x 1820 mm 3 sheets 698 yen = 2303 yen with tax
・Insulating tape 40 white 2 x 40 x 700mm 478 yen x 1 = 525 yen with tax

Total 2828 yen

Put plastic sheeting on the window of the Japanese style room (2 windows) on the 2nd floor and the toilet on the 2nd floor….
It didn’t cost ¥3,000!
(The plastic is Tami sized, so I think it’s only sold at home centers, but electrical tape is also sold at Daiso, so I think it’s cheaper.)

And I have a pretty big piece of plastic cardboard left over, so I think I can use it for crafts (laughs).For now, I put it in the attic (laughs)

It takes two people about 1 hour to make.It was v( ̄∇ ̄)v It’s easy!

It took me a long time to worry about how to do it and which home center to go to. , I was able to do it. Plantain is light and easy to cut.
If it’s not a big window, I think even one woman can do it!

I think I’ll buy duct tape next winter when I wear it again (I found it at Daiso, so I’ll buy 100 of it next year!).The plastic Dan can be reused after next year ♪
Mold from condensate is harmful to health.
This year, many households use humidifiers as an antidote to corona and suffer from condensation.
If you are worried about condensation, consider the strategy of lightly covering it with plastic cardboard (*・ω・)ノ

The absence of condensation on the windows does not mean that there will be condensation elsewhere.
Since there is no condensation, the air humidity increases.
You don’t need to put a humidifier.

Also, this insulating tape is re-stickable, so for example when guests come over, you want air to pass through, or you want to do some serious cleaning, you can remove the plastic cardboard during the day and put it back on at night.♬

The color is “natural”!
Don’t buy “white” by mistake!

↓If you want to buy 10 windows in bulk because you are worried about the windows in your house, you can also buy them online♬

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