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2022 Bescos ♡ We have collected cosmetics that are strong against masks!

2022 year! Besco Korean Cosmetics♡

Looks like 2022 will end tomorrow… early, right? !

Today I’m glad I used it for the first time this year,9 names of Bescos from Korean cosmeticsIntroducing ♡

Since I’ve been living with a mask for so long, I feel like I’ve often gone for skincare products that are just as good as the mask, things that make my eyes look fuller, and foundation and lipstick that don’t stick to the mask.

I will introduce you soon ♡

Needly Daily Toner Pad

My favorite youtuber, heavy subject Alan.

This is the pad you always use before washing your face when you wake up in the morning. In any case, the skin becomes sticky and moist without using a face wash.

After using this, when you wash your face with water and take care of your skin, the penetration will be different! !

It has the best elements, such as the large size, hypoallergenic and liquid immersion, so I don’t think there is anything that will come out of the way in terms of pads …

The Dokudami series is also out, but I’m overwhelmingly in this group ♡

I’m from the fig scrub and honey mask

I'm from the fig scrub and honey mask

I bought the set because honey has become a staple on top of figs and this turned out to be the perfect answer!

It very gently removes dead skin cells and moisturizes, so it’s easy to use for people with sensitive skin.

Also great for body care ◎ Especially my back is nice and moisturized but I can’t get acne at all and it’s a nice back with a slight shine ♡

It’s a very small detail, but SABON’s body scrub feels very oily when applied to the body, and if you take a dip in the bath after using it, the oil will come off even if you rinse it off well, but it doesn’t here, so it’s great for people , who take a bath with their family. I thought it was easy to use ꔛεïz.♡*.

Aimi 36 false eyelashes

Aimi 36 false eyelashes

You haven’t blogged about it yet, have you? !

Even if all Korean idols use it
This is not an exaggeration, but I will wear the standard!
Number 36 is BLACKPINK and Jisoo ♡

The core is soft, it can be bent freely, and even if it is cut, it will not fall apart, and it is too natural, and I worry about it…

It’s so natural that the company won’t know if you wear it as it is, but if you cut it, you’ll look like an idol. !smile

Wild Brow Shaper Lacquer #Strong

Wild Brow Shaper Lacquer #Strong

Song Ye Jin’s makeup artist
I bought it because Mr. Mujin used it.

Thanks to this, you can make your eyebrows stand up and become a very smart face ♪

It’s a sheer color so you can use it with any brow color.

eSpoir No Wear Shine # Hug Me Fig

eSpoir No Wear Shine # Hug Me Fig

These are the four in front of this photo.
Bescos won first place among all subjects in all categories. It’s 100 points and I actually bought it in March so I’m buying more Hug Me Fig colors that are already gone lol

This is the only lipstick for the crown. The shimmer, tint and finish of a dream that does everything masks can’t.

Although natural, the complexion-enhancing color is also unique. Why is there no hum? ? Everything is so good that I do not know! ♡

Jenny House Air Fit Artist Shadow #6 Ginger Brown

Jenny House Air Fit Artist Shadow #6 Ginger Brown

This is an original beauty salon item that I recommend! Mr. Seong Ye-jin also went there, so Mr. Moo-jin mentioned above also used it regularly ♥.♥

All the colors and powders are gorgeous, but color #6 (back of photo) is just gorgeous…the shades are gorgeous.

Can actresses do makeup so easily? The more I think. It is an item that gives you natural beauty.

The numbers in 4th SOS Rapid Cooling Sheet Mask

The numbers in 4th SOS Rapid Cooling Sheet Mask

I’ve been looking for the cooling soothing pack after the fizzy pack but this is the target ♡

The cold is unusual, so it is cold and frosty at this time of year,
After using it, my pores disappeared and my face became smaller… Surprise…

It is soothing, so you can use it if you have skin problems.

hug pillow mude #17

hug pillow mude #17

Personally, I won the award of the year for the fact that it’s easy for me to fix my makeup. I was so excited to be included in Hiro Odagiri’s Vescos!

Even if you apply it correctly, it will look like you just applied makeup.

The coverage is pretty good so freckles are almost gone and the finish is a perfect semi-matte finish with a moderately glossy feel.
This is exactly my pillow of life ♡

Liquid foundation Kusel No. 100

Liquid foundation Kusel No. 100

This is the target item you want to give to people who are very fair and don’t look good with foundation!

It’s almost pure white itself, so if you blend and blend until you get your complexion
We will solve everything!

For the first time in my life, I mixed 110 and a half
The neck and face are the same color lol

Looks like BLACKPINK Rosé’s makeup is also being used…!

It does not stick to the mask and is comfortable to wear, so the skin does not weigh down the skin.

Hope to see you next year ♡

It was really long lol
Thanks for reading to the end ♡

It’s too long to post a link, but I’ve posted a detailed report on most of the items on my blog, so if you’re interested, please check back the day after tomorrow♪

I hope I can meet a lot of wonderful cosmetics next year ♡

happy new year to all of you

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