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Professional air conditioner cleaning is wonderful! It’s like new ✨【PR】

Hello (*´∇`*)

This time I got a call from Construction Center Co., Ltd. (Cripika, an air conditioner cleaning company) (I heard that Mr. I who is in charge reads this blog ^^) and I was able to follow up on cleaning the air conditioner ♪

Speaking of having the air conditioner professionally cleaned, we’ve requested it a few times, but they usually come to your home and pressure wash it on site.
However, if you clean with the air conditioner on, you will not be able to wash the back of the air conditioner, the sirocco fan, and the drain pan.

Mr. Klipika, who cleans the air conditioner,Remove the air conditioner and return it to the factoryi will wash thoroughly and make it all shiny!
wash 2
Air conditioner at a specialized factoryDisassemblyThen, with the help of a special detergent, not only the filter is thoroughly washed, but also the small parts inside the air conditioner, mold and household dust.
So it really shines and is like new! !

Today I will show you shocking photos of our air conditioner before and after cleaning (;´D`)💦

This time I askedair conditioner in daughter’s roomthere is


bought 3 years agoAir conditioner (RAS-C2250W (Toshiba, 2017)).

It’s only been used for 3 years so it’s not dirty enough to have it professionally cleaned? ?I thought about it, but no no no no ~ ヽ(TдT)ノ

Mold was growing deep inside

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thank you for always

The order of construction is as follows.

We will adjust the schedule by e-mail, come to your place, remove the indoor unit of the air conditioner.
Before that, adjust the side of the outdoor unit as well. It seems to collect refrigerant.
Oh, weeds… 💦 After that, remove the hose and air conditioner connection from the outside.
And after returning to the house and carefully healing the surroundings, so as not to get dirty …
Remove the indoor unit.
You can delete it like this…!
Cover the holes with clay. (My daughter’s room has another hole for the hidden plumbing that was there originally…!)
The two holes were carefully plastered with clay.
The removed air conditioner will be carefully packed and returned to the specialized factory (*Storage time: 7 days or more).
(2) Disassemble and wash at a specialized factory.
(Kripika-san provided the photo for this article.)
After returning the air conditioner to the specialized factory, we first disassemble it.
Each piece is then soaked in a special cleaning solution to eliminate odor sources such as mold and small dirt.
Hand wash with a brush…
wash 2
This removes mold, dust and small dirt that has stuck to the parts of the air conditioner.
Then remove it from the cleaning fluid and wash it with a high pressure washer to cleanly blow away the dust that got into the small parts and the clogging of the heat exchanger.
wash 1
After washing thoroughly, dry thoroughly until completely dry.
Antibacterial spray after use
Assemble and assemble again.
③Installation. (1 week later)
After 1 week, I came to install the air conditioner, which turned out to be beautiful.
After growing up again…
I took out the conditioner and gave me BEFORE and AFTER pictures!
Even the back of the air conditioner shines ✨ It’s like a brand new air conditioner!
Install again…
④ Work check
After adjusting the side of the outdoor unit and passing the refrigerant, check the operation of the air conditioner.
Oh ~✨
I stood right below and sniffed the air, but it was really fresh and clean air!
My daughter was very happy and said, “Until now, when I turned on the air conditioner, there was a bad smell, but it has disappeared.” (*´∇`*)
Looks like you bought a new air conditioner.
I was relieved because I was shiny to the back of the conditioner.
My daughter is allergic to mold and house dust, so I was worried about dirt on the air conditioner…💦
This time I was very grateful to be able to make it shine (*´∇`*)

The price will be as follows.
After all, it takes more time and time compared to regular air conditioner cleaning, so it’s expensive, but I think it’s great that you can clean it so perfectly.

“Anti-Mildew/Anti-Bacterial Coat” 2000 yen discount during CM broadcast anniversary campaign. (Booking is accepted until 31.10)
Clip Mark

Especially if you have small children or babies, are allergic to mold or house dust, or are moving into a new house…I think clean air is very important to a healthy life, so I think it’s worth asking. I think.。゚+.(・∀・)゚+.゚

It’s worth noting that you won’t be able to use the air conditioner for more than a week, so consider the season and request it.
I think it would be better to ask for a season like now when you don’t use the air conditioner (you don’t need to use it) instead of a hot summer season (・∀・)♪
So now is your chance

Finally, I will show you how dirty my air conditioner is. Geah.

before washing. Full of dust…
Before 1
Wow…that’s so dirty in 3 years 💦
Before 2

After cleaning
After 1
All dust is removed and refreshed ✨.
After 2
If you are concerned about dirt on your air conditioner, please do not hesitate to ask.

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