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[Захаваная версія]Summary MY best cosmetics 2018 volume 1

My best cosmetics of 2018♡

Long time no see, Tomomi. there is
How do you spend three holidays in a row?

I’ve got some outrageous project going on and I’ve been whispering everyday…

It’s such a painful day, but it gives me a moment where I can enjoy being a girl the most.
This is such cosmetics.
When you’re shopping for new makeup, you might wake up early, so why not just a little glow throughout the day? (exaggerated?)

I managed to meet a lot of wonderful cosmetics in 2018 as well.
This time I would like to present my best cosmetics that I really liked in 2018!

Curl Keeping Mascara Base / Heroine Make

[Захаваная версія]Summary of MY best cosmetics 2018 volume 1_2

Heroine Mascara is one of the most popular mascaras.

Rumor has it that Heroine mascara has great curl holding power, but it doesn’t!
Firstly, it is very easy to apply.
It contains 4 types of fibers, and gently adheres to the tip of the eyelashes.
It looks bulky and seems a bit difficult to apply, but it is not at all.

Even if you don’t calm down and remove the excess mascara, it won’t stick. ←

What’s more, it’s 1000 yen and it also contains eyelash serum ingredients, so it’s the best value for money.
It can be easily removed with hot water and a facial cleanser, so it won’t strain your lashes.

[Захаваная версія]Summary of MY best cosmetics 2018 volume 1_3

The finish looks like this.
A little hard to tell, but the colors are great.
It’s a blue-grey color that doesn’t leave a white cast and it’s just the right amount of makeup, so even this is perfect for natural makeup days.

It goes well with any mascara and makes the color of layered mascara more beautiful.

By the way, it is very difficult to fall.

base under the shadows / CANMAKE

[Захаваная версія]Summary of MY best cosmetics 2018 volume 1_4

Canmake eyeshadow base is one of my favorite makeup products.

In 2018, the new “Radiant Blue ☆” was released, so I tried to use it.

When applied to lids with a moist and wet feel, the texture changes to smooth.
The eyeshadows are non-crease and when you apply them, you can be sure that your eye makeup will be safe.

[Захаваная версія]Summary of MY best cosmetics 2018 volume 1_5

Left) with a base for shadows
Right) Eye shadow only

It can be seen if you look at the photo.
Elegant and just the right amount of pearl makes the eyes brighter and naturally conceals the darkness around the eyes.
I can’t believe it makes the color of the layered eyeshadow look so vibrant…!
With a base for shadows and without it, everything is completely different.

oral addict

[Захаваная версія]Summary of MY best cosmetics 2018 volume 1_6

Rumor has it that Lip Addict has plump lips like Satomi Ishihara.
A magical lip gloss that adds 80% volume to your lips with just a tiny amount.

It appears to be a medicated glow exclusively for anti-aging care, developed jointly by a dermatologist and a scientist.

[Захаваная версія]Summary of MY best cosmetics 2018 volume 1_7

I also tried it for about 3 weeks.
At first I couldn’t get a lot of volume unless I put a lot of Lip Addict on it, but after the second week even a small amount started to give me a lot of volume☆

Even if you use it alone or in combination with lipstick ◎


[Захаваная версія]Summary of MY best cosmetics 2018 volume 1_8

I use the limited edition Eye Glow Gem that I got from the COSME DECORTE Christmas Coffret 2018 almost every day.

People who have used it can agree, but isn’t the moist and wet texture a habit when applying makeup?
It feels really good to feel squishy. .

[Захаваная версія]Summary of MY best cosmetics 2018 volume 1_9

Delicate pearls radiate a natural yet powerful shine.
It makes your eyes look natural so it really goes with any makeup look!
You can create a gradient look with this, so it’s also recommended for time-saving makeup.

UV Idea XL / La Roche Posay

[Захаваная версія]Summary of MY best cosmetics 2018 volume 1_10

I bought the La Roche Posay BB cream without suspecting it because it was advertised as Yukosu cosmetics.

It uses long UVA protection technology to protect your skin from UV rays.
I am very happy for myself that sunscreen is necessary all year round.
It also protects your skin from pollen and air pollution.

It spreads well, so you can use a small amount of makeup at a time.
Since it can be used for a long time, the cost is also ◎

[Захаваная версія]Summary of MY best cosmetics 2018 volume 1_11

It doesn’t have as much coverage as a foundation, but it covers uneven skin tone and dullness, and evens out pores.

Gives a toning effect and turns into a glossy and bright impression!
In fact, the makeup is done with this and the finishing powder.
As expected from Yukosu Cosmetics.

SP Powder/Perfect One

[Захаваная версія]Summary of MY best cosmetics 2018 volume 1_12

I’ve actually been foundation-free since about fall this year, and the most powerful powder I’ve come across is the Perfect One SP Face Powder.

The finish is just beautiful and it feels like veil leather with a gloss and leather finish.
The makeup stays on very well and the smooth makeup goes on.

[Захаваная версія]Summary of MY best cosmetics 2018 volume 1_13

Photo on the right – Perfect.

Formulated with skin beauty powder that reflects light in a well-balanced manner for a subtle finish.

Holds moisture and prevents make-up from flaking
A collagen powder containing 3D hyaluronic acid and composite collagen is also included.
It retains moisture even under makeup, so it’s perfect for winter when it tends to dry out.

The luster of pearly radiance / Cézanne

[Захаваная версія]Summary of MY best cosmetics 2018 volume 1_14

It’s no exaggeration to say that Cézanne’s pearly glow has become the most talked about in the world of petit plastic cosmetics in 2018.

I finally got it the other day too!
Super cospa cosmetics that shine like depakosa for ¥600.

[Захаваная версія]Summary of MY best cosmetics 2018 volume 1_15

Brings shine with a wet finish and eliminates dullness.

It even contains moisturizing ingredients!
This is a multi-purpose makeup that can be used not only as a highlighter, but also as a base for eyeshadow and powder!

Makeup method and detailed review will be updated later⸝⸝⸝⸝♡

Next time skin care>>

MY best cosmetics are too many, so next time I will introduce skin care cosmetics⸜⌄̈⃝⸝‍

Looking forward to it~♪

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