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3 office-friendly under-eye makeup looks ★ ~ You can exercise under-eye bags! ? ~

I want to make a tear bag in the office!

Very popular make-up with tears.

Usually lame eyeshadow or
Brush it with glitter
I will make it sparkle.

If it’s too flashy, it’s not suitable for office makeup!
(she’s cute though)

Want to emphasize tear bags even in office makeup! !

And this time too
Does not contain glitter
Although modest,
Makes your tear sacs puffy
Here are 3 cosmetics we’re thankful for.

① Majolica Majorca “Gel Liquid Liner/77 Meteor Shower Pink”

Popular to use Naniwa Danshi Ryuche ❤︎

Naniwa Dansi Ryuche (Ryusei Onishi)
It was used in the program, wasn’t it?
So I bought it right away.smile

A light pink that blends well with the skin
A small pearl that is not too flashy
naturally and
It will give you sparkling eyes.

with waterproof type
Resistant to sweat, water and tears
Keeps for a long time ☆

in the manner of a mechanical pencil
By knocking
You can adjust the amount.
Prevents repainting!

And the brush type makes it easy to apply❤︎
You can even layer it over your eyeshadow
You can also apply “a little extra” makeup.

Aren’t you excited today?
At the time you quickly pull up and down the black eye

I really like it! ! !
Thanks Ryuche! ! ! ! !

② KATE “Fake Tears Maker”

Drakas’s big favorite ✧*。 Lin is crying!

Cosmetics sold by KATE.  It is a pencil type and is used for lacrimal sacs. Dual structure with a pink core inside a clear core.

Buzzed with buzz on SNS
Commonly known as “lie and cry”
Naming is genius.

Since it’s a pencil, it doesn’t disappoint!
Just apply it to your lacrimal sac
Black eyes look naturally moist…(❤︎●ω●❤︎)
Just in a state of “lying down to cry”!

It comes in two colors, pink and purple.
I use pink
I like to draw twice (•̤̀ᵕ•̤́๑)

Give me some color
Not too lame
A nice moment for natural makeup ❤︎

It’s also perfect for make-up style makeup.
Good for a date! !

“Initially, I had tear bags~”
I can feel it.smile

③ Lancome “Ombre Hypno Mini Chubby 03 Milky Pink”

I want resale…! ! Legendary Limited Cosmetics★

Pencil shadows from Lancôme.  pink color.  Comes with a flip cap.
*Currently not for sale.

Unfortunately, this was a limited edition that has been discontinued.

However, it is very great, so let me introduce it…!

A rare eye shadow in the shape of a pencil.
It came in 4 colors: pink, yellow, green and purple.
Pink is perfect for under eye bags❤︎

Because it does not contain glitter
The office is fine✧*。٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و✧*。

It goes on firmly with a matte texture
Really indelible! !
It forms a hard lacrimal sac.
For those who originally thought that lacrimal sacs were invisible
You are my savior (((მ(͏ ͒ • ꈊ • ͒)მ)))♡

The #1 limited edition cosmetics we want you to resell! !
(compared to our company)

[Бонусныя веды]What is a “bag of tears” in the first place…?

By the way, everyone.
Do you know the real identity of “Tear Bag”?

Here, of course, tears are shed
It’s not chubby.

I was curious so I looked it up ↓

[Даведка]Date last viewed 09/26/2021

Bag of tears = muscles! ! !

It seems that the bag of tears is also called “Ruidou”
it surrounds the eyes
circular muscle of the eye
part of a muscle similar to a bicep
Sounds like it was exciting.

Circular muscle of the eye
Concentrically divided into three
Among them is the circular muscle of the eye near the eyelashes,
Become the contents of a bag of tears
It seems to be a mechanism.

…I see! !smile

[Сумная навіна]tear bags may disappear in the future?

When the circular muscle of the eye weakens
Tears will disappear…! ?

Age is not the only reason.

The circular muscle of the eye becomes weak when it is no longer used,
Liquid crystals such as smartphones and PCs
People who have a habit of looking at it for a long time
Because tear bags are easy to lose
Looks like you have to be careful…(;•͈́༚•͈̀)(•͈́༚•͈̀;)

[Добрая навіна]It’s a muscle, so you can train it! ? !

I learned that the lacrimal sac is a muscle.
That means… you can train! ?

At the time of writing this article
I made the link
How to get training on the Tokyo Cosmetic Surgery website
This has been published…!

“Because I use my smartphone and computer a lot…”
If you are concerned about it, contact him (•̤̀ᵕ•̤́๑)

Wink or squint
Peace sign or…
This is the lacrimal sac workout you can try right now! !

Get beautiful eyes with makeup and exercises ✧*。

How was it?

The tear sac is training
I know I can train!smile

Drawing a perfect teardrop bag with makeup,
If you keep fit with exercise
Looks like you can get closer to your perfect eyes ( ̀∀ ́ )✧

Enjoy eye makeup even in the office★
and during breaks
Let’s prevent fading with exercise! !

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