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I asked a professional to clean the air conditioner 💦 (with dirty picture)

Good morning♪

It’s very cold this weekend 💦 The rain is cold.
Everyone, please be careful not to lose your fitness.
I’m currently writing my blog while snuggling under a cat~(* ̄∇ ̄*)

Well, today’s story is about cleaning the air conditioner.

Some time ago (my husband was wearing short sleeves, because it was not yet cold) my husband and I cleaned the air conditioners throughout the house as part of a general cleaning.

The removable filter is easy to clean.
Gyaa dust ~! They will be clean after washing with water in the bathroom.
Most air conditioners feel good just by flushing this filter…

When I looked inside, there was a part where my husband said, “You need to get a professional to do this.”
which is on the first floorliving room air conditionerand on the second floorair conditioner in son’s room.

Both have a high speed of operation of the cooler in summer💦

I had my living room professionally cleaned two years ago, but when my husband looked inside, he said it was black and moldy (´;ω;`)

I only use the AC in the living room in the summer, but…
(Our winter heating is oil fan + kotatsu.)

The air conditioner in my daughter’s room was only bought last year and it was clean, so I decided to have a professional cleaner clean the air conditioner in my son’s room and the air conditioner in the living room.

I tried to ask the person who asked me before, but they were busy and seemed to be fully occupied for a while.
I have to ask for it when I think about it.

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thank you for always

In the morning, they moved the desk with their son, thinking that it would be better to leave as much space as possible under the air conditioner. In my son’s room, there is an air conditioner above the desk💦
A young woman came to clean (I didn’t specifically ask for a woman, but on weekdays, when I’m alone, I feel some relief that it’s a woman). (*´∇`*)
I used a pressure washer (?) to clean the inside.
In the living room, I also removed the various goods that had been placed downstairs in the morning.
Remove the cover and place the vinyl over it…
The lid and filter were cleaned in the bathroom.
Clean the air conditioner open like this…
It’s water coming out! !
Dirty image warning…
Geah! ! So black! ! Moreover, ragged and black lumps…
The living room was professionally cleaned two years ago~Σ( ̄ロ ̄|||)

No~ I’m glad I asked you to clean the air conditioner!
After cleaning, I applied anti-mildew, so I was told to run the air conditioner for about 3 hours.
(He also showed me the water after cleaning my son’s room, but it was still pitch black…)
Our house chose and bought an air conditioner without the automatic cleaning function, so it was a relatively cheap price.

nevertheless22,000 yen for 2 carsIt was a bill for (15% discount) 💦

↓ Later I thought maybe it would be cheaper if I ordered from Rakuten!

But you won’t help anything (´・ω・`)
I am satisfied because in less than an hour they thoroughly cleaned the places that I could not clean myself.
I’m glad I asked (*´∇`*)
It’s scary to think that the air is sent by an air conditioner full of mold… (; ̄Д ̄)

I want the house to have clean air.

I spoke to a person who came to work for a while but it seems the cleaning industries are very busy at this time of year due to general cleaning. It can be cheaper due to campaigns etc if the timing is a little off like the beginning of the year. (I write selfish things… 💦)

If you want to clean yourself up on the cheap, there are things like that.
My house is a painted wall so I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to do it myself, but I wonder if I can do it with this coating and spray…

See you soon♪
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The outfit I wore when I went to the patchwork club on Friday…♪
↓I wore a raincoat with this♪This skirt is perfect for winter♪

The flared skirt has an elastic waist (laughs).
It is comfortable to wear, and flared only at the hem, so even a full face can look neat.
Type B skirt is dark brown. Compression tights are my favorite! It will last a long time~
I made a reservation for the end of year party (lunch) at Patchwork Circle.。゚+.(・∀・)゚+.゚
I’m the youngest and I’m good at searching the internet, so I always do the shopping myself.
This time it’s Italian food at a hotel in Minatomirai♪ I’m looking forward to it~(*´∇`*)

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