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I’m glad I went to Yuya Tegoshi’s hair removal salon, even though I’m not a fan

I started going to a women-only hair removal salon produced by media personality Yuya Tegoshi.

The other day I finished the first treatment, so I will write a report.

(The membership card is cool black.)

Anyway, I’m glad that ordering is easy! !

I’m not familiar with celebs, but lately I’ve been wearing summer clothes and I’m worried about the hair on my back and arms… When I was looking for a hair removal salon that seemed easy to go to, I just got a flyer for this salon .

When I checked by word of mouth, the perception was that it was easy to make a reservation, so I decided to ask for a consultation first.

Sign up for a trial plan limited to flyers ♪

I signed up for a 5-time full body hair removal trial (non-facial and VIO) for ¥49,800. This seems to be a limited price for flyers.

A week after the consultation, I underwent the first procedure. I’ve had trouble getting appointments at other hair removal salons in the past, so I was very pleased with the speed!

Mr. Tegoshi’s autographs and photos lined up in the sparkling space!

The salon is a 1-minute walk from Kagurazaka Station on the Tozai Line. It is located on the 4th floor of the building. Inside the store is new and very clean. The fur rug and slippers at the entrance were very cute. The shopkeeper was also a kind older sister with a polite way of speaking.

Most impressive are Mr. Tegoshi’s photographs on many of the walls. There was also a big sign. The fans will be pleased.

Signed by Yuya Tegoshi

(Reproduced with permission from staff)

The service from the clerk during the first appointment was wonderful!

Before the first session began, I was first taken to the bathroom. Because I don’t care, it’s sometimes hard for me to say, “Can I use the bathroom?” I’m glad the store clerk told me this first.

When you arrive at the booth, first change your clothes. As it seemed to me during the consultation, the explanation of the seller is easy to understand!

“Please put all your clothes in this basket. Since there is no VIO treatment this time, you can leave the underwear as is. Was), please roll it up and wait on the back.”

Like, he tells you exactly what to do. Also, the manner of speaking was very gentle and I was not nervous even the first time and I was able to get the treatment without any problems.

I was able to relax without feeling any pain ♪

The treatment itself did not hurt at all, and the hour flew by in the blink of an eye. This salon uses a hair removal machine called “LUMIX-A9”. With the roller method, the entire body was smoothly irradiated.

The treatment starts with the right leg, then the left leg, the lower chest, the upper chest, the right arm, the left arm, the back of the head, the back, the right leg (back), the left leg (back).

At the beginning of the session, he told me, “I’m going to put lotion on the back of my right foot,” and he told me live.

Fingers and the back of my head seem to be the parts that hurt easily, but I didn’t feel much pain because they were just “a little hot compared to other places”.

In the middle of the procedure, I was asked to have my breasts worked on, but the staff explained the procedure during this time, so I was able to relax without feeling weirdly nervous.

For places you can’t shave yourself, like the back of your head and back, you can have an automatic razor to bring with you. I have a very uneven spine and find it very difficult to shave on my own, but I was impressed that the staff got it done in no time. She followed the line of my spine and shoulder blades and did it again and again without any hesitation.

For the nape, you can choose between “natural shape with a little loose hair” or “clean shape with excess hair shaved off”, but I didn’t pay too much attention to that, so I chose “natural shape”. By the end of the course, I hope to be able to enjoy ponytails and buns without worrying about cleavage.

It’s nice to be able to place an order right after the treatment!

After the one-hour course, it’s time to change and book your next session.

The next time I was able to book a schedule a month in advance and for the right time. I am very happy with this convenience.

Finally, I received Mr. Tegoshi’s card as a souvenir. It seems like the card will be different every month and some people collect it. I would like to give it to my friend.

It was a day when I thought it would be great if I could be beautiful and enjoy summer clothes to the fullest. I look forward to my next treatment!

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